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Details of CIA torture report released

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By Joanna Gill  with Reuters
Details of CIA torture report released

The CIA is facing the most damaging moment in its history as details of its post 9/11 terror suspect interrogation methods were unveiled in Washington.

History will judge us.

The long-delayed report from the Senate Intelligence Committee detailed the so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’.

They concluded the techniques failed to yield life-saving information, and that the CIA misled the government on the nature and extent of the methods.

Costing 40 million dollars, it is the result of five years of research into six million internal CIA documents. Only a 480-page executive summary was allowed to be released after a battle between the CIA and the Senate committee.

The vice-chair of the committee Senator Saxby Chambliss said that the release of the report was a mistake that could put US national security in jeopardy.

Diane Feinstein, chair of the committee told the Los Angeles Times on Saturday (December 6) that the findings ran against the ‘societal and constitutional’ values of America, adding, “Anybody who reads this is going to never let this happen again.”

The US put facilities on high alert in expectation of violent fallout from the report.

Governments around the world will also be worried by the revelations. Countries in Europe, Africa and south-east Asia allegedly participated in the extraordinary rendition programme, according to George Soros’ Open Society Foundation’s 2013 report.