[Watch] Wannabe firebug gets more than he bargained for

[Watch] Wannabe firebug gets more than he bargained for
By Euronews
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CCTV footage has been broadcast by police in Rochdale, UK of an arson attempt that backfired on the arsonist.

According to the video description, “at about 5am on Wednesday 5 February 2014, a man poured a flammable liquid onto the grill of a recovery truck that was parked up on Ashworth Street, Falinge.”

Then the wannabe fire-starter set the liquid on fire, but the fireball spread to the bottle and part of his sleeve.

Watch the video of the arson attack

Another camera angle shows the person quickly fleeing the scene and getting into “a light coloured Nissan Micra that was parked nearby and driven off by another man.”

The police said that “the fire from the vehicle spread to a nearby family home, causing damage to the front door and windows of the property.”

Police are still searching for the pyromaniac.

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