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Is visiting disaster sites a way of healing the pain?

Is visiting disaster sites a way of healing the pain?
By Euronews
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These are some of the questions you asked Marita Sturken:

1-Is visiting disaster sites a way of healing the pain and move forward?
2- Does promoting tourism in disaster sites help the victims?

Tourism and Disaster

Sites of disasters become very often tourism sites. There are now guided tours to the areas that were damaged by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Marita Sturken is one of our experts on disasters. Her research focuses on memory formation, healing and consumer culture. She has written books on a variety of topics related to disasters such as AIDS epidemics, the Vietnam War and 9/11.

Marita Sturken is a professor and chair of the Departement of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University. Her most recent book is Tourists of History: Memory, Consumerism and Kitsch in American Culture.

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