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  • KLM says it will not fly over the site of the Air Algerie crash but use other flight paths to the west of the area “as a precautionary measure”
  • Russia claims Ukrainian forces have fired “around 40” shells forces on its Rostov province … (Reuters)
  • An earthquake has struck the coast of Alaska, USA, with a magnitude of 6.1 … (Reuters)
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Robots of the deep

21/07 14:59 CET

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  • From crab shells to raw materials
    12/05 17:27 CET

    From crab shells to raw materials

    Crab is a culinary delicacy most of which ends up in the bin. In this edition of Futuris we look at the uses can we find for the…

  • Don’t panic
    05/05 15:21 CET

    Don’t panic

    Ship evacuations sometimes turn chaotic, ending in tragedy. In this episode of Futuris, we look at why this happens and what can…

  • Longer life for broken eggs
    28/04 17:02 CET

    Longer life for broken eggs

    Every day dozens of tons of eggshells are wasted in Europe. They can be recycled into plastics, cosmetics or even food…

  • Richer soil from old bones
    21/04 14:53 CET

    Richer soil from old bones

    Is it possible to produce fertilizer from animal bones? And what are the potential benefits for agriculture and the environment…

  • Flower power
    14/04 15:20 CET

    Flower power

    Most of the plants on our planet are still a mystery to science, to a large extent as the chemical composition of most species…

  • Viral attack: defenseless oysters
    07/04 16:27 CET

    Viral attack: defenseless oysters

    Oysters are being wiped out in Europe. But can science save them? In southwest France, oyster farmers say they have good reason…

  • Kill the Spill
    31/03 16:09 CET

    Kill the Spill

    The sea is naturally self-cleaning because most pollution is eaten by microorganisms living in the water. But that process takes…

  • Greener tyres on the road
    24/03 15:59 CET

    Greener tyres on the road

    Is it possible to drive on greener, more resistant truck tyres that consume less fuel? In this edition of Futuris we go on a…

  • Behind the mask of biometric security
    17/03 18:44 CET

    Behind the mask of biometric security

    How reliable is biometric security? Computers recognize us by our faces, voices and fingerprints, but can we trick them by…

  • Shakin’ all over – Europe researches quake-proof bridges
    10/03 18:55 CET

    Shakin’ all over – Europe researches quake-proof bridges

    Earthquakes take lives, destroy buildings, wreck roads and infrastructure. Is there a way to protect our cities with computer…

  • Say cheese! Making pizza a guilt-free pleasure
    03/03 15:57 CET

    Say cheese! Making pizza a guilt-free pleasure

    Easy to make, cheap and cheerful, pizza remains a favorite meal in many countries. But, as with many things in life, the…

  • Algae and Olives
    24/02 17:04 CET

    Algae and Olives

    Futuris visited southern Spain, an area famous for its olive orchards, to find out what microalgae and olive oil have in…

  • Elixir of youth
    17/02 17:15 CET

    Elixir of youth

    An elixir of eternal youth may be the stuff of legend and beyond the reach of humans, but it is not such a fantasy in the world…

  • Beyond the subconscious
    10/02 17:00 CET

    Beyond the subconscious

    We are only aware of about 10% of our brain activity, so scientists at a lab in Barcelona are working to increase that…

  • Work out to catch up
    03/02 16:31 CET

    Work out to catch up

    In Pisa, Italy, European scientists are pioneering a new way to treat some of the neurological symptoms that can occur in…

  • A smart move to energy efficient airports
    27/01 11:37 CET

    A smart move to energy efficient airports

    While statistics say flying may be the safest way to travel, it is perhaps not so safe for the environment. Airplanes burn tons…

  • Fishing for earthquakes: a new wave in seismology
    20/01 11:26 CET

    Fishing for earthquakes: a new wave in seismology

    In this edition of Futuris, Euronews teams up with scientists working off the southern French coast in an European Union…

  • Invisible at first sight
    25/11/13 19:04 CET

    Invisible at first sight

    How can we see the invisible? In highly unusual places, an army of small portable devices is already detecting what…

  • Night flight – taking to the clouds to improve aerodynamics
    18/11/13 12:13 CET

    Night flight – taking to the clouds to improve aerodynamics

    Better aerodynamics can make an airplane more reliable and environmentally friendly. But how can we measure the air flow around…

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