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  • Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Vienna talks on Iran’s nuclear programme made “considerable progress” but not arrived at final agreement (Reuters)
  • British Foreign Secretary Hammond says Iran nuclear talks with six powers extended through end of June (Reuters)
  • Britain faces biggest threat to its security from terrorist at any time before or since September 11 2001 attacks on United States, according to Home Secretary Theresa May (Reuters)
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Turning the tide in the war against AIDS

24/11 11:11 CET

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  • New skins for leaky buildings
    08/09 11:27 CET

    New skins for leaky buildings

    In the Italian city of Milan a major European research project is examining the energy efficiency of new insulation materials…

  • A robot that grows
    28/07 15:58 CET

    A robot that grows

    Scientists in Italy are working on creating robots that mimic the properties of plant roots, including the capacity for growth…

  • Robots of the deep
    21/07 14:59 CET

    Robots of the deep

    Underwater robots can explore seas and rivers, gathering in groups to solve problems together, if they learn to cooperate. How…

  • Spray the rats away – better ways to rid us of rodents
    14/07 13:20 CET

    Spray the rats away – better ways to rid us of rodents

    Rats damage crops, buildings and infrastructure, costing billions of euros every year. They also carry more than 60 diseases…

  • Growing greener fuel for cleaner transport
    07/07 13:50 CET

    Growing greener fuel for cleaner transport

    Plants might be the source of a new renewable fuel for planes, or new greener ingredients to replace fossil resources used to…

  • Is it safe? Seeking a universal test for fresh water
    30/06 16:43 CET

    Is it safe? Seeking a universal test for fresh water

    Almost 100 million Europeans do not have access to safe, reliable water. As conventional methods of detecting pathogens can be…

  • The Plight of the Pollinators
    23/06 16:17 CET

    The Plight of the Pollinators

    Pollinators like bumblebees are declining in Europe. What are the causes, the consequences and the possible…

  • Fish of the future
    16/06 16:55 CET

    Fish of the future

    One out of every two fish which we eat has not been caught in the sea but raised on a farm. Can aquaculture make fish tastier…

  • A second chance for injured brains
    09/06 16:35 CET

    A second chance for injured brains

    Jouni Salmenjaakko, once a busy executive manager, now spends all his time with his family at their home in Turku in southern…

  • Talking Plants
    02/06 17:08 CET

    Talking Plants

    Plants communicate using their own language, made up of electrical signals, they send messages to other plants and to the…

  • Deep cure
    26/05 16:27 CET

    Deep cure

    Over 99% of the microscopic inhabitants of the world’s seas have still not been scientifically studied, even though many…

  • Good vibrations
    19/05 16:19 CET

    Good vibrations

    Thoroughly analyzing the vibrations made by a machine can help diagnose its mechanical state of health. In Turin, Italy, a…

  • From crab shells to raw materials
    12/05 17:27 CET

    From crab shells to raw materials

    Crab is a culinary delicacy most of which ends up in the bin. In this edition of Futuris we look at the uses can we find for the…

  • Don’t panic
    05/05 15:21 CET

    Don’t panic

    Ship evacuations sometimes turn chaotic, ending in tragedy. In this episode of Futuris, we look at why this happens and what can…

  • Longer life for broken eggs
    28/04 17:02 CET

    Longer life for broken eggs

    Every day dozens of tons of eggshells are wasted in Europe. They can be recycled into plastics, cosmetics or even food…

  • Richer soil from old bones
    21/04 14:53 CET

    Richer soil from old bones

    Is it possible to produce fertilizer from animal bones? And what are the potential benefits for agriculture and the environment…

  • Flower power
    14/04 15:20 CET

    Flower power

    Most of the plants on our planet are still a mystery to science, to a large extent as the chemical composition of most species…

  • Viral attack: defenseless oysters
    07/04 16:27 CET

    Viral attack: defenseless oysters

    Oysters are being wiped out in Europe. But can science save them? In southwest France, oyster farmers say they have good reason…

  • Kill the Spill
    31/03 16:09 CET

    Kill the Spill

    The sea is naturally self-cleaning because most pollution is eaten by microorganisms living in the water. But that process takes…