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Wakesurfing in Dubai

Wakesurfing in Dubai
Copyright  euronews   -   Credit: Dubai
By Natalie Lindo

Wakesurfing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the UAE. In some ways, it is similar to ocean surfing. However, in addition to using a smaller board, it involves a rider being towed behind a specialist boat.

The rider initially uses a rope and the boat generates an ‘everlasting wave’ to ride along and can be done on lakes or in the sea, unlike ocean surfing.

In Dubai, more than seven companies offer the sport in different waterways and locations.

Sea Riders in Jumeirah is one of the many places in the city where you can try this sport.

Hasan Jad is the founder of Rakmajeh, he wants to not only support people in improving their skills but build a community of wakesurfers and ocean surfers.

“Dubai provides many things across many sports, and that's the thing they excel at. But specifically in surfing, what happens is you have the best boats, you have the best locations, here in Seariders. There's not a single wave here. That's one of the flattest areas to come and practise” he told Euronews adding that both the sport and the community is growing.

“It's attracting people who love the sport to want these conditions to come and learn and improve. And you take it up to the next level. And we have athletes now competing in worlds that started in the UAE. So that's amazing. And I hope someday that I will be one of those people.”

It’s not just beginners and amateurs taking to the water in Dubai. Wakesurfing professionals from around the world come to the city in their winter or off-season to train in the year-round sunshine.

Husband and wife professional wakesurfers, Anthony and Jennifer Edwards, said Dubai offers great facilities and allows them to practice and prepare for competitions when it is too cold in the UK to ride.

“You get this amazing sense of freedom when you're riding. You forget all your troubles. It's just really good fun. So, it just hooked us in really quickly,” Jennifer Edwards, said.

Anthony Edwards agreed: “It's the best feeling in the world it's, it's a very frustrating sport at times because you can make the smallest change in your movement and you'll fall in. So, when you get everything timed perfectly, it's a great, great feeling.