Everything you need to know about world's deepest pool stretching down over 60 metres

Dubai deep dive
Dubai deep dive   -  Copyright  euronews   -   Credit: Dubai
By Evan Bourke

The world's deepest pool, which is big enough to fit a 20-story building in it, was unveiled in Dubai on July 1.

It has entered the Guinness World Records with a depth of 60.02 metres, overtaking the former record holder in Poland at 45-metres deep.

Deep Dive Dubai could be mistaken for a normal pool from the surface; however, what lies beneath is a mind-blowing feat of engineering and creativity.

A sunken city

The theme of the pool is a post-apocalyptic underwater city and as divers go deeper into the water, the landscape changes to show nature taking over the urban setting.

The pool features objects that more commonly are found in a street rather than submerged in water, such as a car and a motorcycle. Divers can follow the graffitied walls towards the dive shaft, where they will find entertainment including games like foosball and pool tables, as well as a pinball machine.Exploring some of the darker corners of the pool, divers can find the remains of an apartment hidden behind crevasses in the walls of the pool.

7 facts about the world's deepest pool

  1. The pool holds 14 million litres of water, which is is the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools. It is 15 metres deeper and four times bigger than any other facility of its kind.
  2. It takes 6 hours to filter the pool's freshwater through one of the region's most technologically advanced filter systems.
  3. The surface is 27 metres long and 17 metres wide.
  4. The deep shaft is 10 metres in diameter.
  5. 56 underwater cameras covering all angles of the pool.
  6. The pool also features a sound system with 27 speakers that can be used to create underwater soundscapes. This feature can even be used to relay messages and information to divers in the water.
  7. 164 mood, ambient and wayfinding lights are positioned throughout the pool. A large light in the centre of the pool also illuminates the surface above.

Dubai also currently holds the record for the world's tallest building - Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 metres.

Deep Dive Dubai will open to the public in late July and catering for every level of diver from those who want to dip their toe into the world of diving to certification and training for master divers.