Meet the Italian artist who invented ‘anti-fascist paint’ to clean the streets of hate graffiti

Italian street artist,  CIBO
Italian street artist, CIBO
By Katy Dartford

There’s been a resurgence of fascist graffiti on the streets of Italy over the past few years.

Enter CIBO, an Italian street artist with a passion for cleaning public spaces from hate using illustrations of food, from pizza to risotto to cupcakes.

He calls it ‘anti-fascist paint’.

When asked why he uses food symbols, he responds:

‘In Italy food is tradition, culture, and pride.

Most of all, food is spending time together: food is us, sharing and happiness.’

CIBO's work has taken the world of social media by storm, and he even asks for recommendations for new spots to 'decorate' from his Instagram fans.

He definitely brings a spark of joy to the streets of Italy.

Video editor • Alexis Caraco