The Palm Jumeirah: Dubai's symbol of creativity and ambition

The Palm Jumeirah: Dubai's symbol of creativity and ambition
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Palm Jumeirah is often proclaimed the eighth wonder of the world, a symbol of creativity and ambition. This huge tree-shaped island was built from sand, rock and sheer determination.

What keeps it all in place is this 11-kilometer breakwater crescent, lined with five-star hotels, this protective halo has two openings side that allows the famously clear blue waters to flow with the tide.

Seventy-eight thousand residents call Palm Jumeirah home, living in luxury apartment blocks on the trunk and private gated estates on the fronds.

It's also the address of some of Dubai's most exclusive hotel accommodation from Anantara's overwater villas to Atlantis's underwater suites.

Elsewhere at Skyline Defining Atlantis, there’s a world-class water park and a network of aquariums filled with 65000 inhabitants.

And for a truly surreal experience, you can even walk among them. Or perhaps you prefer to fly?

The latest way to get a bird's eye view of this manmade megastructure in a gyrocopter.

Similar to helicopters, two-seat aircraft reach heights of fifteen hundred feet.

Another way to explore Palm Jumeirah is by sea, and the 78-kilometer shoreline is dotted with idyllic seaside destinations.

"Club Vista Mare is tucked away on the eastern trunk, very popular destination for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and one ‘star’ attraction of Vista Mare is its pool in the sea," says Rebecca Rees.

And the new Palm Tower will showcase a wraparound infinity pool on the 50th floor, providing unparalleled views of this iconic island.