Dubai: Motorbiking in Hatta

Dubai: Motorbiking in Hatta
By Jad Salfiti

Few are unfamiliar with the lyrics to Steppenwolf’s iconic song ‘Born to Be Wild’: “Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway, Lookin' for adventure. And whatever comes our way…”

In the latest episode of Adventures in Dubai (called ‘Born to Be Wild’, naturally), Euronews reporter James O'Hagan explores the rugged terrains of Dubai.

140 km away from Dubai, in the enclave of Hatta, our host meets an adventurous biker group ( called the 'Desert Knights’).

“The UAE Knights are a thrill-seeking band of bikers based here in Dubai but with a difference… Locals and tourists can join them for a family friendly desert ride!” says James O'Hagan.

Biker Ihab and some of the gang decide to break away from the rest of the group and head into the mountains,

‘Ihab’s taken me on the high road to Hatta, an enclave of Dubai about 140km from the city and here you can take part in just about every mountain activity imaginable. Are you ready?” Cheers O'Hagan.

Zorbing, axe throwing and downhill karting. Our host even tries his hand at zorbing - in a big inflated plastic ball.

Get a slice of the desert action. Only on this week's episode of Adventures.