A half day around Bückeburg Castle

A half day around Bückeburg Castle
By Euronews

History buffs, architecture fans and just anyone wanting to be stunned with a combination of manmade and natural beauty are spoilt for choice by the castles of Germany. Of course Schloss Neuschwanstein earns its place among the country’s and probably the world’s unmissable landmarks but others offer quite different but equally appealing short visits.

The sight

Bückeburg Castle was built around 1300. Constantly renovated and expanded until 1897, it is home to the counts and later princes of Schaumburg and Schaumburg-Lippe to this day.

A purchase

The current owner, Prince (Fürst) Alexander zu Schaumburg-Lippe, hosts two major public events in Spring and Winter, known as “Landpartie Schloss Bückeburg” and “Weihnachtszauber Schloss Bückeburg” which is the Christmas market and what many owners do hosting private parties or concerts too.

These colourful country fairs draw more than a hundred thousand visitors from all over the world every year with vendors who sell handmade trinkets, gifts and Christmas ornaments during the holidays. They are unsurprisingly some of the most popular events of their kind in Germany. At other times, the castle is open to paying visitors.

A hotel

Hotels in the area are Hotel am Schlosstor, meaning at the castle gates or Hotel Ambiente. Both offer excellent bases to discover this cozy little town with its amazing gardens, town square and castle grounds.

A restaurant

A great beer garden restaurant in the summer is Lilly’s in the Schlosspark.

By Natalie Lefevre