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Europe’s Mining Industry is set to become more efficient

Europe’s Mining Industry is set to become more efficient
By Louise Miner  & Claudio Rosmino

The Mining industry is key in every society and every economy, that's why Europe aims to improve the way it mines for raw materials and be more self-sufficient.

The X-Mine European project at Orexplore Lab, in Kista, Sweden, is currently testing a new-generation of sensing technologies, combining X-Ray and 3D vision, to improve efficiency and sustainability of mining activity.

Janne Paaso, X-Mine Project Coordinator said, "The EU consumes a lot more raw materials such as metals, minerals and other stuffs, than it produces. So we have a problem, and we can solve that problem by having more mines within Europe."

With this technology it's possible to receive real time results from drilling, in order to quickly know how to steer the mine exploration and exploitation. That means less wasted time and energy, and also less CO2 emissions.

Kevin Rebenius, Managing Director Orexplore Lab said, "I see a great value in using this kind of machine and to be able to get instant results when you are looking for new minerals and especially critical raw materials, and in particular because it’s critical that the EU as its own resources and is going forward and not to dependent on China or other suppliers"

The EU relies on importing a huge amount of its mineral and metal needs. It receives the majority of critical raw material from China, taking 62% of China's 70% global supply.

In 1850 Europe's share of global production was 50% but in 2009 this figure decreased considerably to just 5%.