The Italian firm recycling glassfiber

The Italian firm recycling glassfiber
By Euronews

As part of a Futuris episode on ways to recycle composite materials such as carbon and glassfiber, this 360° video explores one Italian company that has developed effective techniques in the field.

Founded in 1963, Rivierasca in northern Italy employs 32 people. The firm produces construction materials, mainly roof sheets, made out of glassfiber and polyester. It is involved in a European research project called FiberEUse, which aims to encourage the recycling of fibre-reinforced composites.

Giacomo Bonaiti, the company's CEO, explains the manufacturing process.

"It is a continous lamination process. The line is very long, and quite efficient. The raw rubber film is covered with resin. Then on top we add the glassfiber. The final mixture is laminated with a roller."

He adds, "As the manufacturing line slowly advances, we give the product the final shape that we need, it can be corrugated or the classic ondulated sheet...Big machines can produce up to 10,000 square meters of roof sheeting per day."

The factory produces some 4,5 milllion square meters of various types of roof sheeting every year.