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Dubai: a hub for international business

Dubai: a hub for international business
By Euronews

Dubai's numerous business conferences and summits attract some of the best brains from around the globe. In this episode of Target, we explore Dubai as a top business destination.

Connecting commodities from the East and West, Dubai has become a hub for international business. The city's regular summits, conferences and expos bring together business leaders from around the globe.

“Dubai always aspires to be a leading city to support business and if you look around the world there is New York, Paris, London and then there’s a void all the way to Singapore and Hong Kong and this is what Dubai is providing. Strategic location, in the middle of a quite interesting part of the world that’s growing. And, I would say that the aspiration of the leadership and the government is great - to stay dynamic, to incentivise business, to keep growing and serving,” explains Hamad Buamin, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry

"The capital of business and finance"

From the World Government Summit to the Retail Summit – Dubai is a first-rate business destination – many of the world's global business masterminds come together at these conventions to push the boundaries through networking and conversation. And while SME’s are the backbone of Dubai’s economy, representing 95% of all businesses in the Emirate, established international companies and brands are expanding there as well.

“I think it’s growing, and it’s not so much about geography but a demographic group, so I think Middle-Eastern customers travel a lot. Many are based in Dubai or the region and I think it’s important to be here near them so you can connect with them as a brand. And then they take that with them as they travel to Europe or the US,” explains Joe Nahhas, the Vice President for the Middle East and Africa for Tiffany & Co.

Dan Balmer from Aston Martin adds: “The UAE market in total is our largest market in the Middle East, so it’s very important that we are well established here, that we have a robust marketing strategy here, and that’s what you see here today in the form of ‘Rapide’. This part of the world in the Middle East, Dubai is the capital of business and finance and media as well, so it’s important for a brand like Aston Martin to be present at events like this.”

Sustainable growth

The city is ranked in the top five global centres for trade, logistics, tourism and finance. Mohie El Rafey, Chief Marketing Officer of GE Healthcare in the Eastern Gulf Markets, sums up by saying Dubai offers sustainable growth for business and is an appealing destination for group business travel.

"Dubai is a great model and a role model I think, globally for business. And how you can do business, on both a business and a personal level. I’ve lived in Dubai for the last 19 years. I’ve seen the transformation of how they’ve made that simpler for companies and for individuals and I think that’s why it attracts a lot of companies to be based here. It’s becoming a hub where people can come and connect and allows everyone to share experiences, showcase technologies and innovations and make it much more of a local presence but from a global perspective.