The inspiring women providing solar power to war-torn Yemen

The inspiring women providing solar power to war-torn Yemen
Friends of the Environment Station, a solar panel station working in Yemen's war torn region of Abs.   -   Copyright  AFP
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War isn't standing in the way of this team of Yemeni women who have set up a solar power business to provide clean and cheap energy to locals.

Most Yemenis don't have regular access to electricity since the civil war started in the country in 2014. In March 2015, the largest power plant in Marib, responsible for powering most of Yemen, went offline.

The high price of power from private generators and frequent fuel shortages means that basic services are almost non-existent for those living in poverty in remote villages.

Iman Hadi suffered the consequences of this. But in 2019, she decided to go beyond social and cultural barriers and take action.

Supported by the United Nations Development Program, Hadi and a group of 10 women installed a solar power plant in Abs, Hajjah Governorate. They learnt how to operate the grids and the business with the help of UNDP and today they provide affordable energy for 43 households.

Hadi has plans to expand the business which is profitable enough to make further investments. "In the long run, I dream to launch a large solar power plant to extend solar services for all 3060 households in the Al-Ghadi area,” she says.

Click on the video above to learn more about this project.

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