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Reviving the traditional art of ceramics in Georgia

Reviving the traditional art of ceramics in Georgia
By Euronews  with AP

As Easter approaches artists in Tbilisi are busy creating decorations for Georgian homes.

Ceramic eggs, bunnies, vases, egg holders an even ornaments resembling Faberge eggs are made in White Studio, where artists add a modern twist to the traditional design to specially-made Easter collection.

This workshop was created in 2013 by several artists who had an ambitious plan to give a new life to Georgian ornaments.

A once very rich history was lost after the demise of the Soviet Union when factories were closed down and only a few artists were making collections in ceramics.

Today 10 artists are working in the studio each with their own style and approach promoting creative possibilities of modern ceramics.

Writer: Doloresz Katanich via AP