These are the unmissable events taking place during London's Digital Art Week

These are the events you don't want to miss during London Digital Art Week
These are the events you don't want to miss during London Digital Art Week Copyright Credit: HOFA Gallery/Andrés Reisinger
Copyright Credit: HOFA Gallery/Andrés Reisinger
By Theo Farrant
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From W1 Curates' immersive digital projections to HOFA Gallery's curated AI artwork showcase, don't miss out on these stunning events during London's Digital Art Week.


Digital Art Week is here!

Throughout the week, Londoners will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in digital art across the capital, from prestigious galleries to outdoor spaces, iconic music venues, and over 100 digital billboards.

A multitude of outdoor billboard locations, including Piccadilly Circus, will be transformed for the event, bringing digital art into the public eye and making it accessible to all. In total, works from over 120 leading artists will be showcased.

“We are thrilled to be back in London for Digital Art Week. This year will be the biggest iteration of the movement that we have ever produced. This year we are using the fabric of the city to showcase more than 120 artists across a wide variety of venues and artistic mediums," says Digital Art Week CEO and founder Shaina Silva. 

With so much happening, here's a simple guide to some of the events you won't want to miss:

‘New Beginnings’ at HOFA Gallery

Interior shots from 'New Beginnings' at HOFA Gallery
Interior shots from 'New Beginnings' at HOFA GalleryCredit: Todd-White Art Photography/Ben Fitzpatrick/
Niceaunties, 'Chapter No. 6, Fashion #0505', 2024, NFT
Niceaunties, 'Chapter No. 6, Fashion #0505', 2024, NFTCredit: Niceaunties/HOFA Gallery

When? - Thursday, 25 April, 6pm-9pm.

Where? - HOFA Gallery, 11 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6PY.

London's HOFA Gallery, situated on Bruton Street, has curated an exceptional exhibition titled 'New Beginnings,' showcasing artists who are at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into their creative processes.

Among the featured artists in their showcase, titled 'New Beginnings', is Niceaunties, a Singapore-based architect and AI artist who draws inspiration from her cultural heritage to explore themes of aging, personal freedom, and everyday life through generative AI and digital art. 

Also included is Sougwen 愫君 Chung, a Chinese-Canadian artist whose piece "MEMORY (Drawing Operations Unit: Generation 2)" made history as the first AI model acquired by London’s V&A museum, as well as digital artist, Agoria, known for his avant-garde BioGenArt.  

W1 Curates immersive galleries

W1 Curates, Flannels exterior display, 2022.
W1 Curates, Flannels exterior display, 2022.Credit: DAW & RED-EYE

When? - During the whole of Digital Art Week.

Where? - 167 Oxford Street, London, W1D 2JP.

W1 Curates, a public art platform situated in the heart of London's iconic Oxford Street, is hosting a series of free cutting-edge events during Digital Art Week.

These events will feature some of the world's leading digital artists, including Beeple and Andrés Reisinger.

Here's the schedule: 

Six N Five - Tuesday, 23 April, 8pm-9pm. 

GMUNK - Thursday, 25 April 8pm-9pm.

Lost Souls of Saturn - Friday, 26 April, 8pm-9pm.


Ash Thorpe - Friday, 26 April, 8pm-9pm.

Beeple - Saturday, 27 April, 8pm-9pm. 

Andrés Reisinger - Sunday, 28th April, 8pm-9pm. 

Krista Kim presented on Outernet's four storey LED screen

Continuum collection by Krista Kim
Continuum collection by Krista KimCredit: Krista Kim/TAEX
Krista Kim's work on display in Times Square, 2022.
Krista Kim's work on display in Times Square, 2022.Credit: Krista Kim

When? - Friday, 26 April, 9am till late. 

Where? - Charing Cross Rd, London, WC2H 8LH. 


TAEX is presenting Canadian-Korean contemporary artist Krista Kim's "Continuum" collection, an awe-inspiring visual meditation that will be showcased on Outernet's four-storey LED screen. 

Kim's Rothko-inspired artwork, created from LED light photography and cutting-edge software, offers vibrant colourscapes that aim to elevate consciousness and inspire positivity in the digital realm. 

Also, you can look forward to the soothing sounds of electronic group Ligovskoï, whose healing frequency music complements Kim's mesmerising visuals.

But Kim isn't the only artist on display at Outernet. You can also catch AMIANGELIKA / Ouchhh (23 April), Zach Lieberman (24 April), Jesse Woolston (25 April), and Sasha Stile (27 April).

'Daata' at Shoreditch Arts Club

When? - Thursday, 25 April, 7pm-11pm


Where? - Shoreditch Arts Club, 6 Redchurch Street, London.

If you enjoy cocktails, reggae music and trippy, surreal digital animations then this could be the event for you. 

Shoreditch Arts Club, in collaboration with their long-time moving image partner Daata, is hosting a party to celebrate Digital Art Week. Visitors can expect to experience mesmerising digital artworks on screens, accompanied by the legendary sounds of reggae DJ Manasseh.

The evening will showcase The Rockers Uptown – The Shoreditch Version, a curated playlist of commissioned video animations handpicked by Daata's founder David Gryn. Featuring works by esteemed artists such as George Barber, Phillip Birch, and many more, this event promises to be an immersive journey into a surreal world of digital art.

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