Leonardo DiCaprio: Birthday rap draws ‘Succession’ comparisons

Leonardo DiCaprio: Birthday rap draws ‘Succession’ comparisons
Leonardo DiCaprio: Birthday rap draws ‘Succession’ comparisons Copyright  Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP - HBO
By David Mouriquand
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Leonardo DiCaprio - sorry, L to the OG - and his birthday rapping efforts have been likened to Kendall Roy’s in ‘Succession’. Which is a bit harsh.


A video of Leonardo DiCaprio rapping at his 49th birthday party has been released, and it has been compared to a scene from Succession in which Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) cringely raps.

DiCaprio celebrated his birthday on Saturday (11 November) in Beverly Hills, with some Hollywood A listers in attendance, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg.

At the event, the actor was filmed rapping to the 1994 song ‘DWYCK’ by Gang Starr (feat. Nice & Smooth).

Here is the video, first shared by TMZ: 

We’d argue it’s not as bad as the Kendall show in Season 2, Episode 8 – titled “Dundee”. 

In the HBO show, Kendall performs a surprise, self-written rap at an event to honour his father Logan (Brian Cox). Lyrics include: “L to the OG / Dude be the OG / And he playiiiin", and, “Yo, bitches be catty / But the King Kong daddy / Rock all the haters while we go roll a fatty”.

Yeah... It still hurts. 

However, some Reddit users made the comparison anyway.

“How Kendall Roy of him,” one user wrote, while another replied, “L TO THE OG”.

Good, bland or cringey, imagine the chutzpah of rapping in front of Jay-Z...

That being said, the Oscar winner, who stars in the recently released Martin Scorsese film Killers Of The Flower Moon, will probably take home another Oscar nom for his performance, so a cheeky rap here and there won’t tarnish his brand too badly.

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