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Ascending Serenity by Sanna Sander
Ascending Serenity by Sanna Sander Copyright Credit: Sanna Sander/DogPhotographyAwards
Copyright Credit: Sanna Sander/DogPhotographyAwards
Copyright Credit: Sanna Sander/DogPhotographyAwards

Raise the woof! Here are the adorable winning images of the Dog Photography Awards 2023

By Theo Farrant
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Who let the dogs out? The 2023 Dog Photography Awards returns to celebrate the beauty (and silliness) of dogs in a collection of stunning images.


The Dog Photography Awards, which made its debut in 2021, is back for its 2023 edition, and it's bigger, better, and furrier than ever! 

This year, the competition received a total of 1440 entries from more than 50 different countries, including Germany, Australia, China and Canada. 

The four categories were as follows: Studio, Dogs & People, Action, and Portrait & Landscape.

So, without further ado, we present to you the winning images that are guaranteed to set your tails wagging in delight.

'Ballerina' by Anna Averianova (Studio - 1st place)

Ballerina by Anna Averianova
Ballerina by Anna AverianovaCredit: Anna Averianova/DogPhotographyAwards
Ballerina in the studio
Anna Averianova

'Let's dance!' by Carla Gea Perales (Studio - 2nd place)

Let's dance! by Carla Gea Perales
Let's dance! by Carla Gea PeralesCredit: Carla Gea Perales/DogPhotographyAwards
Relying on spontaneity in photography allows me to experience positive surprises and unexpected results.
Carla Gea Perales

'Caravaggio today' by Mercury Megaloudis (Dogs & People - 1st place)

Caravaggio today by Mercury Megaloudis
Caravaggio today by Mercury MegaloudisCredit: Mercury Megaloudis/DogPhotographyAwards
New and the old. Inspired by Caravaggio the artist and new trends in steampunk with the love of dogs all in the studio.
Mercury Megaloudis

'Facing the Immensity Together' by Emma Gough (Dogs & People - 2nd place)

Facing the Immensity Together by Emma Gough
Facing the Immensity Together by Emma GoughCredit: Emma Gough/DogPhotographyAwards
In a world where life can be immense and overwhelming, just like the vast nature of the ocean, we can turn to mans best friend for companionship and support to face the immensity together.
Emma Gough

'Ascending Serenity' by Sanna Sander (Portrait & Landscape - 1st place)

Ascending Serenity by Sanna Sander
Ascending Serenity by Sanna SanderCredit: Sanna Sander/DogPhotographyAwards
In the right light even the most mundane place emits magic.

I had the idea of this image in my mind for quite some time, driving past the log stack every day on my way to drop the kids of at school.

And finally, on our way home from school one day, I stopped the car and asked my azawakh girl Soleil to hold the pose for a moment while I took the photo.

Already in the camera I saw that it had become something more than I had hoped for; a moment of clean stillness in the busy and messy everyday life, something more than a posing dog on a log stack.

The image made me linger in the moment.
Sanna Sanders

'Serene Snowfall' by Grace Fieselman (Portrait & Landscapes - 2nd place)

Serene Snowfall by Grace Fieselman
Serene Snowfall by Grace FieselmanCredit: Grace Fieselman/DogPhotographyAwards
Nala, the Australian Shepherd, relaxing on a quiet backroad in the beautiful snowfall.
Grace Fieselman

'Stop your motion' by Jacqueline Rüdiger (Action - 1st place)

Stop your motion by Jacqueline Rüdiger
Stop your motion by Jacqueline RüdigerCredit: Jacqueline Rüdiger
Have you ever seen a dog, or even better a sighthound, running in pure joy? You see the power, the play of the muscles and the perfect anatomy for running fast. In this picture I wanted to show the speed of this dog and capture it, but at the same time freeze the motion to show the anatomy of this beautiful dog. To get it you need a perfect timing of all components involved. The dog, the lights and for sure me as the photographer. The result is a stunning composition reduced to the only important thing, the dog.
Jacqueline Rüdiger

'Moment of Entry' by Roberta Holden (Action - 2nd place)

Moment of Entry by Roberta Holden
Moment of Entry by Roberta HoldenCredit: Roberta Holden/DogPhotographyAwards
I have become fascinated by the dynamic interplay between air, water and light in turbulence as water is suddenly displaced at the moment of impact as a dock-diving dog enters the water. This split second event conjured for me the feeling of falling through ice or being suddenly transported into an alternate realm.
Roberta Holden

'Timber's Tribute' by Jane Thomson (Dogs & People - 3rd place)

Timber's Tribute by Jane Thomson
Timber's Tribute by Jane ThomsonCredit: Jane Thomson/DogPhotographyAwards

'Puppy love' by Tuss Bennergård (Studio - 3rd place)

Puppy love by Tuss Bennergård
Puppy love by Tuss BennergårdCredit: Tuss Bennergård/DogPhotographyAwards
Three weeks old Great dane puppies. Photo is taken with studio lights at the breeders home
Tuss Bennergård

Video editor • Theo Farrant

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