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Roger Waters reportedly tells fans to 'f**k off' while internet attacks over pro-Palestine stance

Roger Waters reportedly tells fans to “fuck off” at show while internet attacks over pro-Palestine stance
Roger Waters reportedly tells fans to “fuck off” at show while internet attacks over pro-Palestine stance Copyright Balazs Mohai/AP
Copyright Balazs Mohai/AP
By David Mouriquand
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Roger Waters reportedly told fans to 'f**k off' at a live show in London, while criticism mounts over his pro-Palestine stance.


Roger Waters reportedly enraged Pink Floyd fans during a recent show at the London Palladium.

Waters was booked to perform the live premiere of his album Dark Side of the Moon Redux, but many attendees walked out before any songs were played.

The Pink Floyd co-founder, 80, apparently told his audience to “f**k off” at the 8 October gig, prompting fans to leave soon after.

Many had turned up expecting the ex-Floyd bassist to play his new version of The Dark Side of the Moon and were greeted instead with an unexpected setlist of Waters reading from his yet-to-be-published memoir, "Dark Side Of The Moon: Memoirs Of A Lanky Prick".

He continued to read from his laptop, treating fans to notes about his pets, including a duck called Donald, which he discussed for 20 minutes.

Fans on Reddit weren’t shy about sharing their thoughts on the performance. One wrote: “I don’t think it was announced beforehand that 50 percent of the show would be Roger reading from a laptop. I think it was perfectly reasonable to assume that it would be a full concert… But I think the audience had every right to be unhappy with the first half of the show. I know I would be.”

Another amusingly added: "Wonder how these people would have reacted to a Andy Kaufmann Show?"

On X, formerly Twitter, another fan said: “Went to watch Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon remake gig last night at London Palladium with Roger Waters and I simply have no words to describe it and not in a positive way. What an egocentric narcissist he is and to think I paid good money to watch him. Lesson learnt.”

The controversial artist was investigated by German police for wearing a Nazi-style black trench coat with a red armband at his concerts in Germany earlier this year.

This prompted the US State Department to criticise Waters and to describe his Berlin show as “deeply offensive to Jewish people.”

The musician claimed that the segment was a statement against fascism, injustice and bigotry and called criticism of it “disingenuous and politically motivated”. He denied all accusations of antisemitism.

However, the backlash has not stopped, as many have been taking to X to lash out at Waters’ documented support of Palestine in the wake of the launch of a large-scale attack from Palestinian militant groups led by Hamas against Israel from the Gaza Strip on 7 October.

It has been reported that Facebook has censored the photo of Waters carrying a Palestine flag on stage, and several were quick to call him out. 

However, a few have come to the artist’s defence, stating that Waters has been “a beacon” and that “none has faced down the malign smears of the Israeli state and its foreign acolytes as he.”

Roger Waters' reimagined solo LP, The Dark Side Of The Moon Redux, sees him put a new, darker spin on the 1973 classic and coincides with the original’s 50th anniversary. It was not worked on by any other member of the iconic prog-rock band. 


We weren’t too keen on the lead single ‘Money’ (to say the least).

The album was released on 6 October, and to our surprise, it’s not a total disaster. 

Some tracks have a hypnotic and unnerving quality to them, and while the whole crooning endeavour is misguided and deeply self-indulgent, you can’t accuse Waters of coasting or slavishly recreating the original LP. 

That’s something. 


Not much, but something.

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