MF DOOM’s cause of death revealed: Widow accuses UK hospital of negligence

MF DOOM's cause of death has been revealed - here pictured at a benefit concert for the Rhino Foundation in New York - June 2005
MF DOOM's cause of death has been revealed - here pictured at a benefit concert for the Rhino Foundation in New York - June 2005 Copyright Peter Kramer/Getty Images
By David Mouriquand
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The iconic masked rapper MF DOOM’s cause of death has been revealed, nearly three years after he passed away.


The British-born rapper MF DOOM - whose real name is Daniel Dumile - died on 31 October 2020, aged 49. His sudden death cast a long shadow over the hip-hop community, leaving behind such celebrated albums like 'Operation: Doomsday', 'Vaudeville Villain', 'Mm...Food' and 'Madvillainy', which all displayed awe-inspiring lyricism and a creatively boundless appetite for the theatrical in R&B.

Until now, his cause of death had never been disclosed.

His wife Jasmine Dumile has confirmed that her late husband passed away from a condition known as angioedema - a rare and severe reaction he had to his blood pressure medication.

An inquiry into his death has offered new details on the circumstances that led to his death (via LeedsLive), and Jasmine Dumile has explained that the rapper suffered from a number of health conditions including high blood pressure and kidney disease.

As per the inquiry, MF DOOM was prescribed angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitors to treat his high blood pressure, but after two doses he developed a severe reaction. He was hospitalised at St James’ Hospital in Leeds (UK) and his condition worsened, leading to him being placed on a respirator. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic at the time, Jasmine was not allowed to be with her husband in the hospital.

She and the family’s representatives have raised a “number of concerns” about the artist’s treatment at the UK hospital shortly before his death. According to Leeds Live, Dumile’s lawyers questioned how often the staff at St. James Hospital were checking in on the rapper and why it took them two hours to give Daniel Dumile medication for his swollen throat - an effect of angioedema.

They have claimed that it was negligence by the staff at the Leeds hospital that led to MF DOOM’s eventual passing.

Jasmine Dumile noted that her husband’s “buzzer” was placed too far from him, and noted that he was put in a room that looked like it was from “a very long time ago,” which had a bed, an “old metal desk” and books.

“I don’t want to say it was an old storage room… it wasn’t set up,” she said.

The inquiry is still ongoing.

Additional sources • LeedsLive, NME

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