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Meet the robot dog 'pooping' art critiques

A robotic terrier with fluffy hair analyses artworks thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI).
A robotic terrier with fluffy hair analyses artworks thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Copyright AP Photo
Copyright AP Photo
By Doloresz Katanich with AP
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The robot terrier is an art piece itself, built to trigger a debate about the use of AI in consuming art.


AICCA isn't your average pooch.

AICCA is a robot, whose name stands for 'Artificially Intelligent Critical Canine'.

Thanks to its camera, printer, and AI, AICCA prints art critiques of artworks. From its butt. 

AICCA was created by German artist Mario Klingemann, who wants to debate the use of AI in a provocative way (and also poking fun at art critics). 

“One could think that I have a grudge against art critics building a dog that poops critiques," recognizes Klingemann. "But no, actually I think art critics play a very important role in this whole art world and like the worst thing that can happen to an artist is to be ignored."

Do you have to be human to understand art?

AICCA made its first appearance in Madrid's Colección SOLO and swiftly gave a critique to some of the art pieces displayed on site. 

One of the authors receiving the dog's critiques, David Oliver “Grip Face”, says he is impressed because many of the elements that the robot has picked up on are elements that he had in mind when creating the work.

Chief creative officer of Colección SOLO Óscar Hormigos, believes that AI in the art world is currently seen as a tool for creating images. For him, what is really interesting is to debate and understand the different roles that AI can take in the world of creation.

Inspired partly by the Electric Monk, a labour-saving robot created by the comic science fiction writer Douglas Adams, AICCA is now ready to travel to art fairs and exhibitions.

Watch the video above to see AICCA at work.

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