Discover the new Euronews!

As Euronews celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2023,
Europe’s #1 news network is proud to unveil its new on air look
and share with you our enriched multilingual context experience
and new digital first TV experience.

As the consumer shifts to mobile first consumption, the growth in importance of vertical video and captioned content has increasingly diverged from the traditional screen design and ticker format of television news. The importance of creating original digital first content that truly adapts to all screens including television, offering access to the output of our 12 core local language news teams as well as the specialist digital journalism of our Next, Green, Travel and Culture teams across all devices, has led Euronews to change the way we produce, publish and present our content.

As a multi-lingual content pioneer, Euronews has today transformed its production techniques, screen design and content formats and is proud to unveil our innovative approach to delivering truly digital first formats to all screens. With a square mobile centric screen design, centralized language captions, a vertical twitter style scroll bar, clock and other features only visible when viewed on the TV screen format, this enables a tailored experience by screen from a single production workflow. In addition to transforming our on screen design for television, this new approach is expected to drive a more than 30% increase in our digital display inventory and will more than double our onsite video inventory during 2023.

After 30 years, Euronews stays true to its core mission, continuing the coverage of European affairs, to Make Sense of Europe with a new approach that aims to further build the engagement and loyalty of our audiences.

With an even greater focus on original content, with a range of new program lengths and new formats, our programme schedule will include:



Wake up Europe

The latest European and international news from 6AM to 10AM.


Euronews Now

The European news between 10AM and 6PM.


The European Debrief

A wrap-up of the day’s European and international news from 6PM.

On weekends, Euronews introduces a brand new news rendez-vous and additional longer formats, encouraging thoughtful analysis, debate and the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and opinions:



5′ Weekend

the biggest European and international news in 5’ on weekends.


Euronews Witness

The current affairs series focusing on the most pressing issues unfolding across Europe and beyond.


Brussels, my love?

From the economy to climate and the EU’s role in world affairs, this talk show sheds light on major European affairs.

We will also continue to enrich our thematic content, with specialist magazine programs and specialist journalism addressing the topics that matter to Europeans today: new technologies, business, innovation, sustainability, travel, arts and culture, among others.

We are thrilled to share this new adventure with you and to reaffirm our mission to connect our audiences with Europe through clear and independent information 24/7.

We take this opportunity to thank you, our partners, for your enriching collaboration.

Our teams are available for any questions you may have and to assist you.
Please feel free to reach out to either your commercial contact
at Euronews or