Netherlands unemployment rises but remains EU’s lowest

People stroll in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands, on April 16, 2022.
People stroll in the center of Amsterdam, Netherlands, on April 16, 2022. Copyright RAMON VAN FLYMEN/AFP
By Euronews
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The Dutch unemployment rate slightly increased in the third trimester of 2023. Nevertheless, it remains one of the lowest in the European Union.


Unemployment in the Netherlands reached 3.6% in 2023’s third quarter, compared with 3.5% in the second quarter, the Netherlands Times reported earlier this week. 

The slight increase corresponds to 16,000 additional people without a job. The Dutch newspaper underlined that over half of the vacancies can be found in healthcare, business and trade, referring to the national statistical office’s data.

Mirroring data across Europe, the demographics most affected by unemployment are people aged 18 to 25 years old, with a rate of 8.7%, up from 8.2% in the previous quarter. Unemployment remains under 3% for the rest of the population.

One of EU’s lowest unemployment figures

Although the third quarter registered a slight increase, like in some other European countries, the Netherlands is still doing much better than most of their neighbours.

Eurostat latest data shows the Dutch have the sixth lowest unemployment rate of the EU, behind Malta (2.5%), Czechia (2.7%), Poland (2.8%), Germany (2.9%) and Slovenia (3.5%).

Many countries are covetting such low unemployment rates. For instance, France’s third quarter rate was 7.4%, up from the previous quarter - still way above the country’s 5% target.

Although, to note, the population of the Netherlands is around 17.53 million, according to data from 2021, compared to Germany, for example, where the population is around 83.2 million.

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