Watch: Juncker appears to shun Trump's hand of friendship

Watch: Juncker appears to shun Trump's hand of friendship
By Chris Harris
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Cameras showed Jean-Claude Juncker rejecting Donald Trump's attempt to help him up some stairs at the White House.


According to Donald Trump, his meeting with European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker was full of love.

The pair met in Washington on Wednesday and hammered out a deal to ease EU-US trade tensions.

But while their words in front of the press were couched in diplomacy and warmth, how do they really feel about each other?

The truth is it’s very difficult to tell, but cameras did catch Juncker appearing to shun Trump’s attempts to take him by the hand.

Of course it could be that Juncker appreciates Trump but he did not want to make contact, given the US President's reputation for forceful handshakes.

The pair’s tweets also give us an insight into how each viewed the meeting.

Trump put out a picture of him embracing Juncker and spoke of a great warmth during their discussions.

Juncker, however, was more to the point, claiming he had come to Washington to get a deal and that is what he had achieved.

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