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Davos blog: Schmoozing, Swiss style

Davos blog: Schmoozing, Swiss style
By Isabelle Kumar
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Politicians and business people like Davos because they can hold a months’ worth of meetings in just a few days without having to travel around the world to do so… journalists like Davos because they can corner all those top dogs in one spot!

Having said that it’s not always that easy. We watched a very interesting E-philanthropy discussion moderated by Chelsea Clinton, hoping we might be able to have a quick word with her. I’ll never know what she thought of the idea, but her security staff were having none of it. Though she posed for many photos at the end of the discussion and shook plenty of hands our camera did not get a look in. In fact all we got was a sharp elbow to the ribs from one of her security staff. We did however get to speak to some very inspiring people. Mr Tim Berners Lee who is credited with inventing the internet was charming and approachable and shared his enthusiasm for the www. A scarily young looking Alex Ross who is US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s tech guru entertained us with his tales of a mobile app that’s helping Masai warriors monitor the menstrual cycles of dairy cows to boost their productivity!

Not only was it a fascinating panel – it was great to hear some good news… for a change.

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