The price you pay to get to Davos

The price you pay to get to Davos
By Isabelle Kumar
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The chosen few get badges for Davos. Security ensures this is one party that is difficult to gatecrash; getting a ticket is not easy and it is very expensive.

In fact to come here you must be a World Economic Forum member. Basic membership, which is by invitation only of course, costs more than 40, 000 euros, and the entry ticket about another 15K.

And it is all upwards from there. As a top-class strategic partner you can bring 5 people along and that little package including entry comes close to half a million euros!

Participants were a little coy about how much their companies paid…

“The sort of money the company is paying for it, it is actually a lot of money but it’s worthwhile spending it because we see it as a strategic investment. Our company has decided to continue with the World Economic Forum. It pays off,” said one man.

“I don’t really know – I think my husband knows better … but I know it is a lot of money!” admitted one woman.

However, what is the point of holding an event like Davos crammed full of the world’s movers and shakers if no-one hears about it? Fortunately journalists go for free.

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