New falcon training device 'BerghWing' aims to revolutionise sport

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By Evan Bourke
Falconer Peter Berg
Falconer Peter Berg   -  Copyright  Euronews

Dubai-based falconer Peter Bergh aims to propel the ancient sport of falconry into the 21st century with his new training device called the BerghWing.

To maintain their fitness, the birds usually chase bait on a pulley system.

But thanks to Bergh's new invention, the captive falcons can be pushed to take part in a challenging flight that tests their speed and agility, like during a hunt in nature.

This new training method also conditions the bird and builds their muscles.

The BerghWing also enables falconers to analyse flight data, which helps to find areas of improvement for their birds.

The Berg Wing training device for falcons invented by Peter Berg.Euronews

The invention, created in a small personal workshop located on the edge of the desert, is a game-changer for the sport.

The training tool is now popular in the MENA region and demand is growing for it around the world, with orders from across Europe and South America.

Falconer Peter BergEuronews

Much like racehorses, the pedigree and breading of a falcon can determine its worth.

A falcon with sought after genetics such as strong breast muscles used for climbing or big eyes for pinpoint eyesight can cost up to €500,000.