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Alpine Space: The eco-friendly project which preserves tradition

By Aurora Velez
Alpine Space: The eco-friendly project which preserves tradition
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Alpine Space is a programme that addresses the issues of all groups in the Alps: its mountains, its plains and also its common challenges.

Clothilde Mahé coordinates a large number of projects under this programme's umbrella and says: “The aim of the programme is to find shared solutions to these challenges, which are of different kinds.

“We think for instance about climate change, which has a strong impact on a region like the Alps, but there are also transport issues and also human services in remote areas of the Alps.

“The final objective is to improve the quality of life in the Alps, which means trying to make a concrete difference in the lives of the people involved in the project and finding common solutions to influence public policies.

“But it’s also to set a precedent and show what can be done, testing solutions and using them in other regions of the Alps and in other regions in Europe.”

Journalist • Philip Andrew Churm