Mass influx of flamingos turn Navi Mumbai into a pink playground

Every year, a number of flamingos come to Navi Mumbai, but this year after lockdown measures have been implemented there is a huge increase of between 25% and 30%. The whole area has become a pink carpet.

"The air is much cleaner, there is no pollution, there is no human activity going on, there is no construction activity to see around the place, so there are more birds coming to this place and definitely, I think, after the closure, we have to work on the same things, to see that these places are not disturbed," environmentalist Shruti Agarwal said.

For local resident Uday Purohit, the lockdown has been fantastic. "I think you can see nature regenerating everywhere. I can see birds, I can see all kinds of natural growth happening everywhere. I think it's fantastic. We should do it once a year, every year".