From coffee house to White House?

From coffee house to White House?
By Euronews

Ex-Starbucks chief ponders political future

Could Howard Schultz be the next Democrat candidate for the Presidency of the United States? His resignation as Executive Chairman of Starbucks has fuelled speculation that he's planning to run in 2020.

Schultz built the famous coffee chain up from 11 cafés in Seattle in 1982 to today's 28 000 stores in 77 countries.

He's never been shy of intervening in political debate - last year in response to Donald Trump's anti-immigration push he promised that Starbucks would hire 10 000 refugees over the next five years - and with a personal worth of € 2.4 billion built up over 36 years at the company, he has the funds.

Schultz hasn't ruled out standing for the Presidency - saying he was deeply concerned about the state of his country and that public service was once of a range of options he was considering.

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