The Shinkansen: a dream train!

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By Euronews
The Shinkansen: a dream train!

Launched in 1964 for the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Shinkansen linked Tokyo to Osaka running at a speed of 210 kilometres per hour.

Constantly evolving over the past half century, this technology “made in Japan” now produces trains that reach maximum speeds of 320 kilometres an hour and transport one million passengers a day.

The Shinkansen is famous for its speed but also has an impressive security record – it is first and foremost an extremely safe high-speed train. Since they started running, there has never been a fatal accident involving a Shinkansen. The trains are even equipped with a system that brings them to a halt in the early stages of an earthquake.

Another asset is punctuality. Thanks to automatic traffic management, Shinkansen trains can run just three minutes apart and are always on time.

Japan’s high speed trains are also famous for providing exceptional comfort. An active tilting system allows them to tip on a bend at high speed, and vibrations are reduced thanks to remarkable sealing technology.

No surprise that the Shinkansen are a hit among trainspotters!