London to defend financial preeminence post-Brexit

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By Christopher Cummins  with AGENCIES
London to defend financial preeminence post-Brexit

Since the Brexiters marched in triumph dragging a reluctant Britain out of the European Union the future of London as the “foremost European financial centre,” has been in jeopardy.

Dublin, Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt are lying in wait to snaffle talent and business.

Something London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, is well aware of: “What we don’t want to happen is businesses leaving London and leaving Europe and going to New York, Singapore and Hong Kong, or even Seoul. And so, I’m keen to keep the businesses we have. London is open. It’s not simply open to business and talent, and to trade, it’s also state of mind. It’s open-minded, outward-looking.”

Paris has already kick started the job poaching process with the “Tired of the fog? Try the Frogs! Choose Paris La Defense.”

The almost witty advertising campaign has been strategically placed under the noses of the rosbifs at Heathrow Airport of all places.

Frankfurt too has been lauding its charms in an attempt to lure workers to Germany.

The city boasts its pride in being the “financial centre of the Eurozone” and home city of the European Central Bank.

Add to that good universities, many international schools, a booming local industry good transport links and great leisure, food, wine and beer.