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Copenhagen at Christmas: Watch Tivoli Gardens transform into a winter wonderland

Christmas in Tivoli Gardens
Christmas in Tivoli Gardens   -   Copyright  Christoffer Sandage / Tivoli   -  
By Hannah Brown

After being forced to close nine days into the Christmas season in 2020, Tivoli gardens is back to fill the festive season with joy and light. And we mean, lots of light.

Set in the heart of the city, Copenhagen’s amusement park first opened in 1843 and is now Europe’s fifth most visited amusement park (Disneyland Paris takes the top spot).

“From the beginning, it was about entertainment and people enjoying themselves with the culture, amusements and festivities. And that's what we are today also, 178 years later," says Park Director, Kasper Schumacher.

Tivoli’s Christmas celebrations started back in 1994 with a few market stalls. And by 1997 it had become the showstopper we know today, with more festive spirit added every year.

What is Christmas in Tivoli like?

This year it took a team of 113 Christmas elves (also known as painters, electricians, engineers, gardeners and artisans) just 11.5 days to bring the park to life.

There are around one million lights decorating the park, plus a whopping 1,000 spruce trees, 70,000 baubles, 3.5km of spruce garlands and 40km of Christmas tree chains all adding to the festive feel.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, then how about the fact the park gets through a mouth-watering 11,800 litres of mulled wine every festive season?

The theme of this year’s market is hearts, because after the last 18 months, we could all do with a little bit more love in our lives.

There are hanging heart decorations and lights wherever you go, the cakes and cookies in the bakery are heart-shaped and the light projections on the buildings are, you guessed it, heart themed too.

What can you do in Tivoli?

Along with the beauty of the park and all its decorations, there are also plenty of things to do as well as that all important meeting with Santa.

You can watch a performance of The Snow Queen ballet in Tivoli’s Concert Hall, which features a set and costumes designed by Denmark’s Queen Margrethe.

Lasse Salling / Tivoli
One of Tivoli's many ridesLasse Salling / Tivoli

Or you can decorate your own honey cake heart, baked onsite using honey from the bees that live in the park. There are lots of tasty treats to enjoy in Tivoli’s village too, and Æbleskiver, a traditional Danish donut, fried in butter is a must.

After you’ve filled up on pastries, you can enjoy one of the many bands performing live sets and don’t forget, as it’s an amusement park, there’s over thirty rides to go on too.

Since publication, due to COVID-19 restrictions Tivoli once again had to close early. 

Watch the video above to see Christmas at Tivoli in action.

Video editor • Hannah Brown