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Fine art for all in Cologne

21/11 15:25 CET

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Previous editions

  1. 31/10/2014Warsaw museum looks back at 1,000 years of Polish Jewish history
  2. 30/10/2014Twilight’s Mia Maestro launches bilingual debut album
  3. 30/10/2014Hollywood museum wants to ‘educate visitors about death’
  4. 30/10/2014Edgar Degas’ Little Dancer inspires musical in Washington
  5. 29/10/2014Culture Club off on tour as Rolling Stones wrap up theirs
  6. 29/10/2014Jessie J wants to Sweet Talk her way into US market
  7. 28/10/2014‘Terror and Wonder’ opens in London just in time for Halloween
  8. 28/10/2014You Me At Six seek success Stateside
  9. 27/10/2014Dancing priests and singing nun follow the Lord’s command to live with joy
  10. 27/10/2014Madrid hosts first major Givenchy retrospective
  11. 24/10/2014Billy Idol takes DIY approach for new album
  12. 24/10/2014Moscow, Lisbon and Porto: Catwalk capitals of the week
  13. 24/10/2014‘Memphis the Musical’ hits London’s West End
  14. 23/10/2014Baku beats to the sound of jazz
  15. 23/10/2014Annie Lennox releases nostalgic new album
  16. 22/10/2014Paris Picasso Museum renovations complete
  17. 22/10/2014Neil Diamond releases new studio album
  18. 21/10/2014Oscar de la Renta bows out
  19. 21/10/2014Louis Vuitton Foundation out of the bag
  20. 20/10/2014Nico and Vinz are bored with hit
  21. 20/10/2014Sherlock on display in London
  22. 17/10/2014Polanski musical ‘Dance of the Vampires’ opens in Paris
  23. 17/10/2014‘Boom Clap’ success forces Charli XCX to delay next album
  24. 16/10/2014Exhibit born from garbage hopes to raise plastic pollution awareness
  25. 16/10/2014Pink reverts to being Alecia Moore for new duo project
  26. 15/10/2014Far north high notes from super tuned electric guitar museum
  27. 15/10/2014The Flying Dutchman docks at the Lyon Opera House
  28. 14/10/2014US country music prodigy Hunter Hayes targets UK
  29. 14/10/2014A master of illusion makes London’s Covent Garden float
  30. 13/10/2014This season’s Moda Lisboa all about legacy
  31. 13/10/2014On With the Show: reunited Fleetwood Mac go on tour
  32. 10/10/2014Cartoon Forum draws record numbers for 25th edition
  33. 10/10/201460-year-old dancer becomes internet hero
  34. 09/10/2014Hungarian pro-democracy icon Zsuzsa Koncz still going strong
  35. 08/10/2014Indie rock band The Subways back on track
  36. 08/10/2014Così fan tutte gets make-over in the name of peace
  37. 07/10/2014Quincy Jones protégé Nikki Yanofsky launches new album
  38. 07/10/2014Lady Antebellum hoping for take-off with ’747’
  39. 06/10/2014Hungarian State Opera celebrates 130th anniversary
  40. 06/10/2014UK folk rock band seek inspiration in Iceland
  41. 03/10/2014Tokio Hotel is back with ‘Kings of Suburbia’
  42. 03/10/2014Prince is back!
  43. 03/10/2014Turner Prize finalists work on show at Tate Britain
  44. 02/10/2014Lagerfeld stages faux street protest for Paris fashion show
  45. 02/10/2014Robert Plant looks to north Africa for new album
  46. 01/10/2014Kylie Minogue and Lionel Richie both touring
  47. 01/10/2014Saab show at Paris Fashion Week
  48. 30/09/2014Labrinth aims for James Bond theme glory
  49. 30/09/2014Jean Paul Gaultier bows out of ready-to-wear fashion
  50. 29/09/2014Radiro celebrates world’s radio orchestras
  51. 29/09/2014Paris fashion: Barbara Bui, Nina Ricci, Lanvin and Rick Owens
  52. 26/09/2014Comix aim to turn heads and pages in Cairo
  53. 26/09/2014‘Manon’ mania spreads as new Royal Ballet season starts
  54. 25/09/2014Aerites Dance Company explores present-day nomads
  55. 25/09/2014Nielsen goes back to the future at Paris Fashion Week
  56. 25/09/2014Faithfull pays tribute to London with new album
  57. 24/09/2014Singer Paolo Nutini aims to crack the US market
  58. 23/09/2014Baku celebrates Uzeyir Hajibeyov’s birthday
  59. 23/09/2014European Theatres’ Night wows Budapest
  60. 23/09/2014Chocolate Village opens in Brussels
  61. 19/09/2014Ukrainian products get patriotic boost
  62. 19/09/2014‘Panoply’ of Islamic art opens in Toronto
  63. 18/09/2014Soft and delicate for Milan Fashion Week
  64. 18/09/2014Love of tartan unites Scots of all stripes
  65. 17/09/2014Rock n Roll and bright coloured cool
  66. 17/09/2014David Gray seeks epiphany with his latest album ‘Mutineers’
  67. 16/09/2014Westwood puts Scottish independence on the catwalk in a cool London Fashion Week
  68. 16/09/2014Pharrell ‘happy’ to begin European tour
  69. 15/09/2014Dancers descend on Lyon festival
  70. 12/09/2014ArtRio: putting Brazil on the art world’s map
  71. 12/09/2014Sérgio Mendes still has the magic and Stevie Wonder goes on tour
  72. 12/09/2014Betsey Johnson’s bridal drags have a ball in NYC
  73. 11/09/2014Killer Heels: the love affair between women and high heels
  74. 10/09/2014NY Fashion: Britney Spears unveils new lingerie collection
  75. 10/09/2014Moko’s second EP Gold out now
  76. 09/09/2014New video game Destiny most expensive ever made
  77. 09/09/2014Herrera and Karan live up to style at New York Fashion Week
  78. 09/09/2014Western anti-hero stars in Train’s new video clip
  79. 08/09/2014Light-hearted spring collections breeze through NY Fashion Week
  80. 08/09/2014Red Hot show challenges ginger stereotypes
  81. 05/09/2014Models vs animal rights activists New York Fashion
  82. 05/09/2014Summer Jewish Festival in Budapest
  83. 05/09/2014Alicia Keys: new face of Givenchy, compares music and perfumes
  84. 04/09/2014George Ezra to release new single following hit ‘Budapest’
  85. 03/09/2014New York gears up for Fashion Week
  86. 03/09/2014London calling: Talking statues cause a stir in England
  87. 02/09/2014Kiosk make headline news for Iranian rock
  88. 01/09/2014DJ to the stars Cassidy launches debut album
  89. 01/09/ sponsors newcomer Leah McFall
  90. 29/08/2014Malevich at London’s Tate Modern
  91. 29/08/2014Meghan Trainor hits the big time
  92. 28/08/2014Dancers compete for world tango prize
  93. 28/08/2014Asilah arts festival shines
  94. 28/08/2014Classic music, innovative venue
  95. 27/08/2014Country stars cover Mötley Crüe
  96. 26/08/2014British band Childhood on the difficulties of moving beyond the demo
  97. 25/08/20143D scores for blind musicians
  98. 25/08/2014Wake up, Aloe Blacc
  99. 01/08/2014O-Town: the boys are back in town
  100. 01/08/2014Victoria’s secret thrills ‘n’ frills at ‘down under’ underwear show
  101. 31/07/2014Charlie Simpson back and ‘Haunted’ on the ‘Long Road Home’
  102. 31/07/2014Pop into the pop up gallery in Lyon
  103. 30/07/2014Knut the polar bear, a star in life and death
  104. 30/07/2014Rome celebrates founding emperor Augustus
  105. 29/07/2014Sebastien Tellier works through his past with sweet, sad, Brazil-inspired L’Aventura
  106. 28/07/2014Elton John headlines at Paleo
  107. 28/07/2014Shakespeare in love with the stage
  108. 28/07/2014Music mix hits the right note at Azerbaijan’s Gabala festival
  109. 25/07/2014Paleo music festival rocks on
  110. 25/07/2014Heavy metal children signed by Sony
  111. 24/07/2014Kalamata Dance Festival hits 20 with a spring in its step
  112. 24/07/2014Desperately seeking summer festivals in Austria?
  113. 23/07/2014‘Pageant: the musical’ is back!
  114. 23/07/2014New Neon Jungle single is Louder
  115. 22/07/2014King of pop parody could score his own no. 1 album
  116. 22/07/2014“My songs speak louder than bullets,” says Palestinian Arab Idol celebrity
  117. 21/07/2014Malta opera star Joseph Calleja’s summer concert draws big crowd
  118. 21/07/2014Otto Piene and his love of light on show in Berlin
  119. 18/07/2014Artists from the Arab world on show in New York City
  120. 18/07/2014Rapper G-Eazy more than just a name
  121. 17/07/2014Fetish meets fashion in Berlin
  122. 17/07/2014Japanese artists bring Snoopy dreamland to Hong Kong
  123. 16/07/2014Bridal jewellery fit for a queen at India International Jewellery Week
  124. 16/07/2014Dancing banned on New York’s subway
  125. 15/07/2014Budapest honours Toulouse-Lautrec on 150th birthday
  126. 14/07/2014Azerbaijan goes on show on the French Riviera
  127. 11/07/2014Berlin fashions future fabrics
  128. 11/07/2014Song Storm in Hungary
  129. 10/07/2014Lagerfeld, Gaultier offer contrasting visions in Paris
  130. 10/07/2014Montreux Jazz Festival Highlights
  131. 09/07/2014Eccentric, historical and pollution chic: Paris, Hong Kong & Berlin Fashion Weeks
  132. 08/07/2014Montreux Jazz: cool tunes by Lac Léman
  133. 07/07/2014Atelier Versace kicks off Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week
  134. 07/07/2014‘Dissection’, first mainstream exhibition in Portugal for ex-graffiti artist Vhils
  135. 07/07/2014Nicole Scherzinger works out for ‘Your Love’ beach frolic
  136. 04/07/2014Death metal band in a Black Box equals performance art
  137. 04/07/2014Eye catching Argentine artist drips paint through his tears
  138. 03/07/2014The Who hit the road to mark 50 years as a rock ‘n’ roll band
  139. 03/07/2014More dead parrots as Monty Python’s Flying Circus goes live (mostly)
  140. 02/07/2014Folk trio Nickel Creek sign on ‘A Dotted Line’
  141. 02/07/2014Those magnificent men and women in their flying machines
  142. 01/07/2014Ed Sheeran: potentially one of the se’X‘iest men alive
  143. 01/07/2014Vermeer comes home to The Netherlands’ Mauritshuis Museum
  144. 30/06/2014Glastonbury Festival serves up music and mud in equal measures
  145. 30/06/2014Just touch: playing with the music of everyday objects
  146. 30/06/2014Opera trio Sol3 Mio goes mainstream
  147. 27/06/2014Timitar Festival celebrates Amazigh and world music
  148. 27/06/2014Remembering Franz Ferdinand
  149. 26/06/2014Men’s fashion moves from Milan to Paris
  150. 26/06/2014World’s top selling artist Jeff Koons takes over Whitney museum
  151. 26/06/2014Feeric fashion takes over Transylvanian city of Sibiu
  152. 25/06/2014The best new European artists play live on the EuroMusic Contest final show!
  153. 25/06/2014Michael Jackson legacy ‘alive and well’
  154. 25/06/2014Juergen Teller exposes his selfie
  155. 24/06/2014Hemp and bamboo meet stripes at Milan Fashion Week for Men
  156. 24/06/2014Austin Mahone billed as the next Justin Bieber
  157. 23/06/2014Milan: menswear on show
  158. 23/06/2014Budapest: Yellow Star houses
  159. 23/06/2014Vence: still inspiring artists
  160. 20/06/2014Rapper Asher finally returns with ‘Retrohash’
  161. 20/06/2014Art Basel: all is well in the art market world
  162. 19/06/2014Arterton swaps film for theatre in ‘Made in Dagenham’
  163. 19/06/2014Rem Koolhaas looks back to the future at Venice Biennale
  164. 19/06/2014La Traviata staged at UNESCO site in Israeli desert
  165. 18/06/2014Flare but no flares as colour tailored into men’s London catwalk outing
  166. 18/06/2014Motorbikes, aliens and exciting collaborations: Klaxons are back!
  167. 17/06/20142015 Spring-Summer Menswear hits London catwalk
  168. 17/06/2014The Supremes celebrate 50th anniversary