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  • USA: The Northern Arizona University reports in a tweet that one person was shot dead and three others wounded in a shooting on the campus, which is not on lockdown
  • Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet
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All aboard for Lagerfeld’s Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week

07/10 13:11 CET

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  1. 14/09/2015Photorealistic ballpoint pen art from Nigeria
  2. 11/09/2015Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial addresses modernity
  3. 10/09/2015LACMA celebrates Frank Gehry
  4. 10/09/2015British soul artist Kwabs launches debut album
  5. 09/09/2015Crete celebrates traditional dance and music
  6. 08/09/2015Whitewashing accusations against Swift and Bieber comeback
  7. 07/09/2015A voice to watch: Ruby Amanfu
  8. 04/09/2015Up, Up and Away in Covent Garden with an exhibition of thousands of balloons
  9. 04/09/2015New album and world tour in 2016 for Iron Maiden
  10. 03/09/2015A-ha take on new world tour
  11. 03/09/2015‘Cyborg drummer’ shows off his skills in Australia
  12. 02/09/2015Learning circus skills in a danger zone
  13. 01/09/2015Traditional music festival fills Samarkand with oriental melodies
  14. 01/09/2015Derbent celebrates 2,000 years of history and multiculturalism
  15. 31/08/2015Culture by the Black Sea at Bulgaria’s Apollonia festival
  16. 31/08/2015Wondaland artists use ‘sound as a weapon’ for Black Lives Matters
  17. 28/08/2015Argentina’s World Tango Championships bigger than ever
  18. 28/08/2015UN says let there be light as “Until the Sun Comes Up” opens campaign year
  19. 27/08/2015Larssen “Dragon Tattoo” sequel publishing event of the year
  20. 27/08/2015Tate Britain offers a full Sensorium experience
  21. 27/08/2015Leona Lewis returns with “I Am”
  22. 26/08/2015Beatles first recording contract up for auction
  23. 25/08/2015Taking the sacred into the street – Serhiy Radkevych,
  24. 25/08/2015South African artist paints with fire and plastic waste
  25. 24/08/2015One charity fights to keep the music in New Orleans
  26. 24/08/2015Kobra amplifies Sao Paulo’s reality with new murals
  27. 24/08/2015Troxy claims largest theatre organ title after Wurlitzer restoration
  28. 16/08/2015Hungary’s Sziget festival final day underway in Budapest
  29. 16/08/2015The art is alive with sounds and music at ‘Soundscapes’ in London
  30. 05/08/2015Dog Days at the Museum – Pooches become culture vultures
  31. 31/07/2015Natalie Imbruglia back with a new album ‘Male’
  32. 31/07/2015Skyhigh ‘Skyway’ a thrilling mountain experience
  33. 30/07/2015Sun, sea and sounds at the Black Sea Jazz Festival
  34. 30/07/2015Reignite a passion for magic? ‘Impossible’ takes on the mission
  35. 29/07/2015Nostalgia hits the road: Gipsy Kings and Culture Club kick off tours
  36. 29/07/2015Watch Me has the world in a ‘Whip’
  37. 27/07/2015Legends on stage at Paleo festival in Nyon
  38. 27/07/2015“Honey I’m Good”: Andy Grammer’s hit about temptation in relationships
  39. 27/07/2015A day at the beach in Washington’s National Building Museum
  40. 24/07/2015The Script, Kings of Leon, Sting wow crowds Paleo Festival
  41. 23/07/2015OMI’s ‘Cheerleader’ tops charts thanks to German DJ remix
  42. 23/07/2015Rising pop star Tori Kelly launches debut album
  43. 23/07/2015Quiet ‘Cannonball’ – Damien Rice overwhelms Lyon crowd
  44. 23/07/2015Paléo Festival marks 40th edition with icons like Ray Charles, Pharrell and Robbie Williams
  45. 22/07/2015Anti-ISIL cartoons and caricatures on show in Tehran
  46. 21/07/2015‘The Last Supper’ – Egypt’s upper class amid social upheaval
  47. 20/07/2015Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour inspired by SNCF jingle
  48. 20/07/2015Medieval artwork saved from the Nazis on show in Berlin
  49. 20/07/2015X Factor celebrity Andrea Faustini launches debut album
  50. 16/07/2015Big names party hard at Montreux Jazz
  51. 11/08/2015Fans gather Budapest’s Island of Freedom for 23rd Sziget Festival
  52. 28/07/2015Spend summer with Wagner
  53. 15/07/2015Post-war nostalgia and light play at New York Fashion Week: Men’s
  54. 15/07/2015Clowning around in eastern Hungary
  55. 14/07/2015euronews meets Iraqi-American artist Amir ElSaffar at Istanbul Jazz Festival
  56. 13/07/2015International Tchaikovsky Competition a life- changing accolade
  57. 10/07/2015Global deal to distribute new music each and every Friday
  58. 10/07/2015The horrors of war – photo expo recalls Srebrenica massacre
  59. 09/07/2015The pen is mightier than the sword as art battles extremism in Pakistan
  60. 09/07/2015Lena Hosheck innovative handicraft at the Berlin Fashion Week
  61. 09/07/2015Audrey Hepburn unseen at the National Portrait Gallery
  62. 08/07/2015Rolling Stones ‘Exhibitionism’ shows off in London
  63. 08/07/2015Class is permanent Chanel, Versace and Armani at Paris Fashion Week
  64. 07/07/2015Fancy a bop? Get down to Montreux Jazz
  65. 07/07/2015Valli ‘eccentric’ Dior inspired by Flemish masters at Paris Fashion Week
  66. 06/07/2015The Two Worlds Festival: Affordable art in Spoleto
  67. 03/07/2015Helsinki’s winning Guggenheim choice fails to quell revolt
  68. 03/07/2015Little Mix keep the Black Magic alive
  69. 02/07/2015Humanoid robot stars in Berlin opera
  70. 02/07/2015Misty Copeland becomes first African-American prima ballerina
  71. 02/07/2015Become a part of the show: immersive theatre all the rage on Broadway
  72. 01/07/2015R&B Miguel showcases his LA ‘Wildheart’
  73. 30/06/2015Karlsruhe’s GLOBALE art event begins a dazzling year
  74. 30/06/2015Dina El Wedidi: an Egyptian star born from the Arab Spring
  75. 29/06/2015Fresh and floral fashion at Paris Spring-Summer menswear shows
  76. 29/06/2015DJ Black Coffee brings unique house blend to summer festivals
  77. 26/06/2015Athens’ new multi-million euro cultural hub on schedule for 2016 opening
  78. 26/06/2015The Tenors launch new album ahead of North American tour
  79. 24/06/2015London exhibition explores pain and pleasure of shoes
  80. 24/06/2015US singer Hilary Duff bounces back with fifth album
  81. 23/06/2015Barcelona beats to EDM Sónar festival
  82. 22/06/2015East meets West in men’s spring-summer fashion in Milan
  83. 22/06/2015Monte Carlo TV festival: a new golden age for television
  84. 19/06/2015A-bomb exhibition: Hiroshima-Nagasaki, 70 years on
  85. 19/06/2015A new home for Moscow’s Garage Contemporary Art Museum
  86. 18/06/2015Portuguese singer Antonio Zambujo wows audiences in Lyon
  87. 18/06/2015Waterloo exhibition eyes surge in visitors as battle anniversary approaches
  88. 17/06/2015Waterloo fan finishes model replica after forty years
  89. 16/06/2015Fashion for the spring and summer in 2016 in focus at “London Collections Men”
  90. 16/06/2015The popularity of the Bachata – a dance from the Dominican Republic is growing in Europe
  91. 15/06/2015Dollar signs shine in Sotheby collection of bills
  92. 15/06/2015Religions merge in Egyptian music and dance festival
  93. 12/06/2015‘Capa in Color’ beautifies Budapest
  94. 12/06/2015Baku-born Russian crooner Emin on the hunt for global success
  95. 11/06/2015James Last: a life in music
  96. 11/06/2015Vad Fruttik rock London to the sound of Hungary
  97. 10/06/2015Tamia loves life with a ‘Sandwich and a Soda’
  98. 10/06/2015Anish Kapoor creates a ‘Dirty Corner’ at the Château de Versailles
  99. 09/06/2015Sensual and romantic the Bachata BachaTu Festival in the Dominican Republic
  100. 08/06/2015Elijah Blake takes centre stage with “Shadows & Diamonds”
  101. 08/06/2015Restored Liszt concert hall latest jewel in Budapest’s musical crown
  102. 08/06/2015Renovated Berlinischer opens in style with “Art in Berlin” 1880-1980
  103. 05/06/2015Nathan Sykes and Walk the Moon have new tunes out
  104. 05/06/2015Arab and Israeli musicians in sweet harmony
  105. 04/06/2015The Vaccines on tour
  106. 04/06/2015Imagine Dragons on world tour
  107. 03/06/2015Kenny Garrett plays Morocco
  108. 02/06/2015Songhoy Blues play Music in Exile
  109. 02/06/2015Festival of Roses in Lyon amazes crowds
  110. 01/06/2015Ukrainian Art 1985-2004 reflects societal changes
  111. 29/05/2015One night with a fashion icon: McQueen opens in London
  112. 29/05/2015Saturn’s Pattern: Paul Weller’s 12th studio album
  113. 28/05/2015Chart-topping Mexican band Maná tells its truth
  114. 28/05/2015Darga: a symbol of rising music talent from the Maghreb region
  115. 27/05/2015Violin virtuosos compete in Brussels for prestige and a Stradivarius
  116. 27/05/2015Renaissance man Da Vinci celebrated in major Milan exhibition
  117. 26/05/2015The Maccabees launch single ahead of new album
  118. 26/05/2015MoMA explores Yoko Ono’s early work
  119. 25/05/2015West End musical aims to challenge Bollywood clichés
  120. 22/05/2015Rostropovich Festival in Bustling Baku
  121. 22/05/2015Eurovision Song Contest enters the final countdown
  122. 21/05/2015Pizzica a centuries old musical tradition with a message for the modern
  123. 20/05/2015Pop ‘n’ Roll Eurovision spreads happiness in Vienna
  124. 20/05/2015Intoxicating climate change opera ‘CO2’ at La Scala Milan
  125. 19/05/2015Gnaoua music celebrated in Essaouira
  126. 18/05/2015Is capitalism killing art?
  127. 15/05/2015Nuits Sonores music festival gets Lyon nights buzzing
  128. 14/05/2015Solo yachtswoman and journalist Catherine Chabaud wins Woman of the Year award
  129. 14/05/2015Dior and Chanel stage annual cruise shows
  130. 13/05/2015Comic comeback in Budapest
  131. 12/05/2015Milan’s Universal Expo looks at how we will feed ourselves in the future
  132. 11/05/2015International choreographers perform at the Cairo Dance Festival
  133. 08/05/2015London Museum examines creativity born from WWII rationing
  134. 07/05/2015Finnish punk rockers with Down’s, Autism and Attitude enter Eurovision
  135. 07/05/2015Zimbabwe festival of arts draws crowds despite economic crisis
  136. 06/05/2015Young British artist elevates Plasticine to art
  137. 06/05/2015Astana Ballet Theatre appeals to Budapest audience
  138. 05/05/2015Met Gala: A-listers stun on New York fundraiser red carpet
  139. 05/05/2015Californian pop-rock band Echosmith are the new Cool Kids on the block
  140. 04/05/2015Italian icon Giorgio Armani celebrates 40 years in fashion
  141. 04/05/2015Billy Bob Thornton goes back to rock’n roll with Boxmasters’ new allbum
  142. 01/05/2015Paris exhibition marks centenary of Edith Piaf’s birth
  143. 30/04/2015Berlin exhibition investigates post-WWII Europe
  144. 30/04/2015Success won’t make ‘Furious 7’ hit author lose his head
  145. 29/04/2015Sweet tooth’s heaven: chocolate festival in Obidos, Portugal
  146. 28/04/2015Marriage of Figaro returns to Bolshoi after 20 years
  147. 27/04/2015Balkan Trafik celebrates its 9th anniversary in style
  148. 27/04/2015Ambitious Málaga wants to become a new arts hub
  149. 27/04/2015Former Westlife singer Markus Feehily goes solo
  150. 24/04/2015Favourites and hidden gems at Baku’s Contemporary Music Festival
  151. 23/04/2015Budapest theatre event returns after succesful debut year
  152. 23/04/2015Estonian duo among favourites for Eurovision 2015
  153. 22/04/2015Hip hip Hermione as Lafayette’s ship sets sail for America again
  154. 21/04/2015Hungary’s Eurovision hopeful Boggie brings peace song to contest
  155. 21/04/2015Another side of Marilyn on show in new Wroclaw exhibition
  156. 20/04/2015Erguner makes traditional Turkish Mevlevi music rave-ready
  157. 20/04/2015Street art takes pride of place in Germany’s Urban Art Biennale show
  158. 17/04/2015A$AP Rocky back with a single and a film
  159. 16/04/2015Brazil bids bye bye to Gisele as top model treads the catwalk for the last time
  160. 16/04/2015Anne Frank remembered 70 years after her death in Bergen-Belsen
  161. 16/04/2015Vinyl back in the charts as drastic plastic sales soar
  162. 15/04/2015Sao Paulo Fashion Week celebrates
  163. 15/04/2015150-years on; Washington remembers Lincoln’s assassination
  164. 14/04/2015Food and Arts: Rituals since 1851 exhibition
  165. 14/04/2015Rucker rustles up some Southern Style
  166. 13/04/2015Ismael Serrano’s ninth album: reflecting on crisis-hit Spain
  167. 13/04/2015“Sunny Afternoon” crowned best musical at Olivier awards
  168. 10/04/2015A replica of France’s Grotte Chauvet and its prehistoric art opens to the public
  169. 10/04/2015Natalia Osipova stars in the Royal Ballet’s production of “La Fille Mal Gardee”
  170. 09/04/2015Napoleon’s love affair with Paris on show in the French capital