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Madame X takes to the stage in Strapless, a Royal Ballet production inspired by a scandalous painting

12/02 10:17 CET

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  20. 18/12/2015Morocco celebrates a new generation of filmmakers
  21. 18/12/2015Berlin museum pays tribute to German master Adolph Menzel
  22. 17/12/2015A hermit’s life: Tokyo artist creates bespoke shells for living crabs
  23. 16/12/2015Cirque to Soleil brings ‘Cabinet’ of mystery and transformation to LA
  24. 15/12/2015Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘School of Rock’ opens on Broadway
  25. 14/12/2015Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya claims ‘Grand Prize’ at the Marrakech film festival
  26. 10/12/2015Canadian cinema honored at Marrakech festival
  27. 09/12/2015Fame and fashion at Berlin’s Museum of Photography
  28. 08/12/2015Tracy Chapman’s Greatest Hits revives the classics
  29. 07/12/2015Bill Murray makes waves at Marrakech film festival
  30. 07/12/2015Mini World Lyon
  31. 04/12/2015Art for the homeless in Boston
  32. 04/12/2015“A Head Full of Dreams” Coldplay’s seventh studio album
  33. 04/12/2015On the catwalk in Karachi and with Chanel in the Cinecitta film studios
  34. 03/12/2015“Istanbul Sessions” at “Visa for Music” in Rabat
  35. 03/12/2015Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ tour in London’s O2 Arena
  36. 02/12/2015The Gangnam Style star is back with his seventh album
  37. 01/12/2015Fleur East gets Saxy with her debut album
  38. 30/11/2015Darwin Deez back with sunny-side-up album
  39. 27/11/2015Visa For Music rocks Rabat
  40. 27/11/2015The Wainwright sisters sing El Condor Pasa
  41. 26/11/2015Sara Bareilles is back with a new album
  42. 26/11/2015Billy Gibbons goes solo and David Bowie has a new single
  43. 25/11/2015The Dark Years – an exhibition in Berlin of art during the years of the Second World War
  44. 24/11/2015Pentatonix riding a wave of success
  45. 24/11/2015‘Madame Bovary’ and the danger inherent in art
  46. 23/11/2015‘Under Japanese influence’ Sukita’s Bowie photos on show
  47. 23/11/2015‘Hip-Hop Nutcracker’ Tchaikovsky meets urban street dance
  48. 20/11/2015Gender bending Japanese makeup ad wins top EPICA prize
  49. 20/11/2015No streaming for Adele’s ‘25’ in the shops now
  50. 19/11/2015‘Bond in Motion’ 007’s wheels on show in London
  51. 19/11/2015Pedro’s a jazz cat from!
  52. 17/11/2015Chris Isaak back on song with ‘First Comes the Night’
  53. 16/11/2015Hollywood in solidarity with the ‘film loving French’
  54. 16/11/2015Madonna pays tribute to the victims of the Paris massacre
  55. 13/11/2015New Orleans genius Allen Toussaint dies
  56. 12/11/2015Supermodels galore at Victoria’s Secret fashion show
  57. 12/11/2015Francesca Hayward, rising star of London’s Royal Ballet
  58. 11/11/2015Paris Rodin Museum reopens after facelift
  59. 10/11/2015Christmas comes early with Elf The Musical
  60. 09/11/2015West End hit ‘King Charles III’ hits Broadway
  61. 09/11/2015Seal says new album ‘Seal 7’ was cathartic
  62. 09/11/2015X Factor winner Ben Haenow releases debut album
  63. 06/11/2015Eska: a voice to watch
  64. 06/11/2015Sydney coastline hosts massive outdoor sculpture exhibit
  65. 04/11/2015Adele smashes records with comeback single ‘Hello’
  66. 04/11/20155 Seconds of Summer more than just a boy band
  67. 03/11/2015At 70, Rod Stewart still going strong with new album
  68. 03/11/2015Andrea Bocelli sings cinema classics
  69. 02/11/2015Dubai celebrates budding fashion talent
  70. 02/11/201520 years on, Alanis Morissette releases ‘Jagged Little Pill’ collector’s album
  71. 30/10/2015Lizz Wright: Freedom and Surrender
  72. 29/10/2015Gloria’s life: On Your Feet!
  73. 29/10/2015Delta Goodrem spreads her Wings
  74. 29/10/2015Rocky Horror turns 40
  75. 28/10/2015Bassist Éva Muck is the Queen of Strings
  76. 28/10/2015Young Chinese fashion talents
  77. 27/10/2015MoMA: Joaquín Torres García retrospective
  78. 26/10/2015WOMEX mixes cultures and styles
  79. 26/10/2015WOMEX sets the pace for world music
  80. 26/10/2015Russian documentary theatre troupe tours France
  81. 23/10/2015Lisbon and Sao Paulo – Fashion capitals
  82. 22/10/2015H&M teams up with Balmain for new rock’n roll collection
  83. 22/10/2015Bestselling Russian sci-fi author in France for latest novel ‘’
  84. 21/10/2015Back to the Future II – what did the makers get right or wrong?
  85. 21/10/2015Sex in the city at Paris’ Musée d’Orsay
  86. 20/10/2015Bryan Adams returns with new album ‘Get Up!‘
  87. 19/10/2015Quirky French popstar Petite Meller to release new single
  88. 16/10/2015Museum charting human evolution re-opens in Paris after revamp
  89. 15/10/2015Karl Lagerfeld opens Chanel exhibition at Saatchi Gallery in London
  90. 15/10/2015Sting and Mylene Framer together for “Stolen Car”
  91. 14/10/2015Julian Assange inspires new character in “Asterix and the Missing Scroll”
  92. 14/10/2015Janet Jackson tops US charts with first album since brother Michael Jackson’s death
  93. 13/10/2015The Golden Age of selfies
  94. 12/10/2015Cirque du Soleil celebrates the strength of women in Amaluna
  95. 12/10/2015150 years on, Alice in Wonderland inspires body art
  96. 12/10/2015Yo-Yo Ma celebrates life – and 60 – with a new album
  97. 09/10/201514-year-old model reignites underage catwalk controversy
  98. 08/10/2015Arabic parody of ‘Uptown Funk’ goes viral
  99. 08/10/2015Grammy award winner Foxes prepares to launch 2nd album
  100. 07/10/2015All aboard for Lagerfeld’s Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week
  101. 07/10/2015Rare Goya exhibition on show at London’s National Gallery
  102. 06/10/2015Gigi Hadid steals the Valli show at Paris Fashion Week
  103. 05/10/2015Rihanna pretty in pink at Paris Fashion Week Dior show
  104. 05/10/2015‘Samurai guitarist’ Miyavi seduces London crowds
  105. 05/10/2015US painting duo seeks inspiration in Cuba
  106. 02/10/2015Paris Fashion Week Day 3: Women wear women at Rick Owens
  107. 01/10/2015Fabrics tell the tale of India’s past
  108. 01/10/2015Paris Fashion Week Day 2: Colour eruptions on the catwalk
  109. 01/10/2015Cindy Crawford: a life through the lens
  110. 30/09/2015A Finnish start for Paris Fashion Week
  111. 30/09/2015Burqa-clad metal guitarist shredding stereotypes in Brazil
  112. 29/09/2015New 007 theme from Sam Smith shakes and stirs
  113. 28/09/201580s glam, fearless women and Italian souvenirs at Milan Fashion Week
  114. 28/09/2015‘We’re like furry little pagans wandering around’
  115. 25/09/2015Gary Clark Jr’s path to superstardom
  116. 25/09/2015Tintin comes to life in open-air Opera
  117. 24/09/2015Gucci designer Alessandro Michele leads the Milan fashion pack
  118. 24/09/2015Photo exhibit documents women’s protest against Iran’s hijab law
  119. 23/09/2015The art of business at Lyon’s Docks Art Fair
  120. 22/09/2015Arvo Pärt: the most performed living composer
  121. 22/09/2015Wild and wacky fashion hits London runway
  122. 18/09/2015Extensive Ai Weiwei exhibition opens in London
  123. 18/09/2015Luxury and opulence bring NY Fashion Week to a close
  124. 17/09/2015Schoolgirl commemorates Battle of Britain in song
  125. 17/09/2015Lady Gaga stylist makes New York Fashion Week debut
  126. 16/09/2015‘Kinky Boots’ hits London’s West End
  127. 16/09/2015MoMA showcases Picasso the sculptor
  128. 15/09/2015Hilfiger’s Caribbean journey for New York fashion week
  129. 15/09/2015Tallinn Architecture Biennale revisits city of the future
  130. 14/09/2015Photorealistic ballpoint pen art from Nigeria
  131. 11/09/2015Lyon Contemporary Art Biennial addresses modernity
  132. 10/09/2015LACMA celebrates Frank Gehry
  133. 10/09/2015British soul artist Kwabs launches debut album
  134. 09/09/2015Crete celebrates traditional dance and music
  135. 08/09/2015Whitewashing accusations against Swift and Bieber comeback
  136. 07/09/2015A voice to watch: Ruby Amanfu
  137. 04/09/2015Up, Up and Away in Covent Garden with an exhibition of thousands of balloons
  138. 04/09/2015New album and world tour in 2016 for Iron Maiden
  139. 03/09/2015A-ha take on new world tour
  140. 03/09/2015‘Cyborg drummer’ shows off his skills in Australia
  141. 02/09/2015Learning circus skills in a danger zone
  142. 01/09/2015Traditional music festival fills Samarkand with oriental melodies
  143. 01/09/2015Derbent celebrates 2,000 years of history and multiculturalism
  144. 31/08/2015Culture by the Black Sea at Bulgaria’s Apollonia festival
  145. 31/08/2015Wondaland artists use ‘sound as a weapon’ for Black Lives Matters
  146. 28/08/2015Argentina’s World Tango Championships bigger than ever
  147. 28/08/2015UN says let there be light as “Until the Sun Comes Up” opens campaign year
  148. 27/08/2015Larssen “Dragon Tattoo” sequel publishing event of the year
  149. 27/08/2015Tate Britain offers a full Sensorium experience
  150. 27/08/2015Leona Lewis returns with “I Am”
  151. 26/08/2015Beatles first recording contract up for auction
  152. 25/08/2015Taking the sacred into the street – Serhiy Radkevych,
  153. 25/08/2015South African artist paints with fire and plastic waste
  154. 24/08/2015One charity fights to keep the music in New Orleans
  155. 24/08/2015Kobra amplifies Sao Paulo’s reality with new murals
  156. 24/08/2015Troxy claims largest theatre organ title after Wurlitzer restoration
  157. 16/08/2015The art is alive with sounds and music at ‘Soundscapes’ in London
  158. 16/08/2015Hungary’s Sziget festival final day underway in Budapest
  159. 11/08/2015Fans gather Budapest’s Island of Freedom for 23rd Sziget Festival
  160. 05/08/2015Dog Days at the Museum – Pooches become culture vultures
  161. 31/07/2015Natalie Imbruglia back with a new album ‘Male’
  162. 31/07/2015Skyhigh ‘Skyway’ a thrilling mountain experience
  163. 30/07/2015Sun, sea and sounds at the Black Sea Jazz Festival
  164. 30/07/2015Reignite a passion for magic? ‘Impossible’ takes on the mission
  165. 29/07/2015Nostalgia hits the road: Gipsy Kings and Culture Club kick off tours
  166. 29/07/2015Watch Me has the world in a ‘Whip’
  167. 28/07/2015Spend summer with Wagner
  168. 27/07/2015Legends on stage at Paleo festival in Nyon
  169. 27/07/2015“Honey I’m Good”: Andy Grammer’s hit about temptation in relationships
  170. 27/07/2015A day at the beach in Washington’s National Building Museum