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In the heart of the Confluence district in Lyon, enjoy a unique opportunity to experience Euronews’s daily life for a few moments open to businesses and the general public.

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The elegance of an evening organised within EURONEWS allows you to take over the space for a cocktail party, private party or a working dinner. Each space adapts and personalizes depending on our clients’s desires. Reunite your colleagues, customers or guests together in an original and creative space entirely dedicated to your event.

Package Business Silver Gold Elite
Duration 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day 2 Days
Event management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logistics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hospitalities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Signage & goodies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Staff Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotion Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corporate video
Programme conception & moderators
Upon request and depending on the scale and depth of your demand
Interactive component No Yes Yes Yes
Event report with VIP studio access No No Yes Yes
Post event footage (newscast) No Yes Yes Yes
Tourism activity No No No Yes
Prestige lunch No Yes Yes Yes
Hotel accommodation No No Yes Yes
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Enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes access at Euronews. Discover the newsroom, control room and see how we simultaneously broadcast in 160 countries.

Space rental

Boasting a view of the Saône, our spaces are totally adaptable to your needs and desires. With its modern and bright design, our spaces are ideal for hosting all your events such as : study days, conferences, meetings, seminars, product launches, cocktails, evenings, showrooms

14 Auditoriums for 6-8-30 individuals

Capacity Half-day (4 hours) excl. tax Full-day (8 hours) excl. tax
6 private spaces for 6 to 8 individuals 350 500
3 private spaces for 16 individuals 450 650
1 private rental space for 27 individuals 700 1000
Euronews Congress / Cocktail Area for 60 & 100 individuals On request On request
Restaurant On request -
Coffee break simple / deluxe Catering On request On request
Catering On request On request
  • Equipped with : special Screens, Writing-boards, VGA and HDMI cable, Facilities such as : phone calls, photocopier- scanner - printer, videoconferences
  • Videoconference
  • Free Wifi Access
  • IT Department assistance
  • Reception
  • Optional parking under conditions
  • Security service at the entrance and badge access
  • Cosy relaxation areas equipped with vending machines, coffee, drinks and snacks
  • Corporate restaurant for your service: breakfast (7 am - 10.30 am) lunch (11.30 am -2.30 pm) dinner (7pm - 9.30 pm)

Whether it’s a corporate function or a private event, our team has developed a real expertise in hosting your receptions so that your event leaves an indelible mark.

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Yulia Meleshchenko

Head of Event Development

56, Quai Rambaud - 69002 – Lyon – France

Tel: +33 4 28 67 01 08

E-mail: event (at)

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