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Don’t like clubbing? Discover Ibiza’s quiet side with water sports, sunsets and history

There's much more to Ibiza than its superclubs, locals say.
There's much more to Ibiza than its superclubs, locals say. Copyright Canva
Copyright Canva
By Giulia Carbonaro
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While Ibiza is known all over the world for its legendary partying culture, there’s another, quieter side to this beautiful island for those who don’t love clubbing - or just need a break from it.


A holiday in Ibiza immediately conjures images of people partying in the island’s superclubs, dancing by the beach and drinking in the sunset. But step outside the party scene and there’s far more to discover. 

“We’re a little island in the Mediterranean, but everybody knows us for the ‘fiesta’, for clubbing, but Ibiza is so much more than that,” Vicente Marí Torres, President of the Ibiza Island Council, tells Euronews Travel.

“We have amazing beaches, amazing places to visit to discover the best sunsets in the world, we have culture recognised by UNESCO, we have food - and now we want to attract more sports events.”

Ibiza, according to Torres, is a perfect place to practice any sport all year round because of its mild temperatures and good weather. “We can have between 7 and 9 months of activity instead of just 3 months a year,” he says.

In 2023, Ibiza was the stage for several sports competitions, including cycling, running, rowing and sailing regattas, and the World Triathlon Multisport Championships. Next year, at the end of September, it will host the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO) championship.

“We want to promote the island as a fantastic place to practice any sports,” Torres says. “Sport is a way to discover Ibiza, and then after a competition, you can discover the entire island, relax, go to the disco, whatever you like.”

Visitors can find just about any water sport in Ibiza, do yoga by the beach, horse riding, cycling or hiking. For fans of padel, a racket sport that has taken the world - and especially Spain - by storm, you can find many playing grounds in Ibiza.

While the southwest of the island is famous for its clubbing culture, the rest of the island is quiet, perfect for sunbathing by the beach.
While the southwest of the island is famous for its clubbing culture, the rest of the island is quiet, perfect for sunbathing by the beach.Canva

What’s the quieter side of Ibiza?

The north of the island is quieter than the southwest, which is focused on clubbing and bars.

“If you want to be relaxed and immersed in nature, go to the north,” Torres says. “If you want the best party in the world, go to the southwest of the island.”

The marks of Ibiza’s long and fascinating history can also be found all over the island. Many different civilisations have passed through and the town of Ibiza has an over 2,000 years old history.

Torre des Savinar is the most famous pirate watch tower in town, and it’s well worth a visit for its historic significance. Especially as it costs just €3.

Ibiza is famous for its spectacular sunsets.
Ibiza is famous for its spectacular sunsets.Canva

Explore outside of the party scene

When it comes to outdoor and sporting activities, visitors are spoiled for choice.

From parasailing to snorkelling and diving, as well as paddle boarding, tourists can discover the beauty of the island’s pristine waters by literally getting immersed in them.

As Torres mentions, Ibiza has some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. Well-known spots to observe the sun going down on the island are Cafe Mambos and Cafe del Mar, which are directly on the beach.

Pop culture and film lovers will appreciate Amante, one of the world’s best outdoor cinemas, where people can watch films under the starry sky, cradled by the soft sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Check the website for updated screenings.

Don’t skip a visit to Ibiza’s old town either, a fortified citadel with 2,500 years of history, cobbled streets and ancient, white stone houses.

And obviously, you can always just enjoy the beach life. Ibiza is known for its long sunny days, so those wishing to just relax by the sea can do so in the quieter parts of the island.

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