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Artificial intelligence race: These are the countries developing top AI tools

Recent study reveals the top countries developing AI tools, from the US to France and Poland
Recent study reveals the top countries developing AI tools, from the US to France and Poland Copyright Canva
Copyright Canva
By Imane El Atillah
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More than 57% of the most popular AI tools are from the United States. But European countries are quickly catching up.


More than half of the most popular artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including ChatGPT, Pictory and Genesys, have been developed in the United States with other countries playing catch up, according to a recent report analysing 45 of the top AI tools.

Canada was the second country most represented, with a mere 6.6% of the AI tools analysed in the report.

Topping the game in Europe, meanwhile, are France, Germany, and the UK, with equal amounts of tools (4.4 per cent) on the AI list, according to the report compiled by the software business Tipalti.

The most prominent AI tools developed in Europe include and ItsAlive which originated in France, Userlike developed in Germany, and EBI.AI and Flick created in the UK, they said.

Other emerging players in the AI game from Europe include Denmark with Zendesk, and Poland, the birthplace of LiveChat. Both have offices in the United States.

There were also AI tools listed from countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Brazil, and Pakistan.

A European Investment Bank reportin 2021 found that the EU accounted for only 7% of investments in artificial intelligence and blockchain while the US and China account for 80%. The European Commission has said it plans to invest €1 billion per year in AI.

At this year’s VivaTech, French President Emmanuel Macron will unveil a plan to support AI investment.

He will be joined by a French technology and AI start-up Mistral AI which recently raised €105 million in funding just four weeks after its set up.

The company, which was founded by three former Meta and Google AI researchers, is an example of Europe’s ongoing efforts to market itself as a tech hub.

What are the best AI tools?

The report ranked each AI tool based on an overall score that took into consideration the number of Google searches, review scores, social media followers, and pricing.

The top 10 AI tools were mostly from the US, such as the popular ChatGPT, which stormed to the top of the list,, and

The first non-US-based AI tool on the list was France’s which came in 10th place.

While Canada ranked second-best to the US, none of its current AI tools scored highly enough to rank among the top 19.

Despite the investment gap, Brussels has recently been focused on setting regulations to control the use of AI which has the potential to become a global standard.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen delivered a speech in parliament partially written by ChatGPT to highlight the potential as well as the risks of AI and call for a quicker and more focused effort in regulating the use of this emerging technology.

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