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Top 10 work skills you will need by 2020

Top 10 work skills you will need by 2020
By Euronews

Despite the fears that automation will require workers to have technical and digital skills, the World Economic Forum’s ‘Future Jobs Survey’ found that employers actually think they will need more human skills by 2020. Skills, robots and computers cannot replicate like critical thinking, active listening or even collaboration.

Saadia Zahidi, Head of Education, Gender and Work, World Economic Forum:

“We conducted at the WEF the future job survey that asked the largest companies across 15 different economies and across all industry sectors what they expected the skills of the future to be? Now we asked this question a couple of years ago through to 2020 and we were surprised actually with their response of it got back yes certainly digital skills stem skills technical skills are going to be very important but much more, the skills that really rose up in the top 10 where things like collaboration creativity active listening other all things that are incredibly human and are transferable across multiple jobs so I think investing in would have traditionally been known as the softer skills is going to become much more important than ever was in the past.”

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