January 2019 fourth warmest on record

January 2019 fourth warmest on record
By Euronews

In this edition of Climate update, we present a new monthly update on the global climate in conjunction with the European Earth Observation Program Copernicus: January was marked by intense cold in the United States and Canada while Australia set new heat records. Globally, the  trend in warmer temperatures continues.

The global temperature in January 2019 was well above average. A rise of 1.1°C compared to the pre-industrial era.

"Polar Vortex"

A “polar vortex” brought a spate of cold weather to the US after milder conditions earlier in the month. Mongolia, Siberia and the Middle East were much warmer than average.

Australia experienced its hottest month on record, peaking at more than 50°C.

Unusually heavy snowfall in Austria resulted in deadly avalanches.

The US Midwest and Eastern Canada experienced some of the coldest conditions in decades. Dozens of people died after temperatures dropped below –30°C.

In Europe, conditions were more or less average for January.

The fourth warmest January on record

Globally, it was the fourth warmest January on record, after 2016, 2017 and 2007.