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Climate Update: Europe's second warmest July on record

Climate Update: Europe's second warmest July on record
By Euronews

The latest data show that globally July was the third hottest on record, more than 0.4°C warmer than average - almost on par with the last year. Temperatures were unusually high in many regions around the globe.

After devastating Japanese floods early in July, parts of Asia, Northern Europe and the United States faced fierce heatwaves and lack of rain.

The extreme weather conditions aggravated wildfires, hitting Sweden and California especially hard.

Lakeport, California

Europe, in particular, saw its second warmest July on record. Temperatures topped 30°C in the Arctic Circle. Historical highs were broken across the continent.

#AskSpace about climate change and the weather

Do July's extreme temperatures tell us anything about climate change more generally? You have an opportunity to put this and other weather-related questions to leading scientists using the #AskSpace hashtag. Answers will be broadcast in an upcoming episode of our Space programme.