A walk in London's ice cream museum

A walk in London's ice cream museum
Copyright  Brooke Lark/unsplash
By Doloresz Katanich  with AP

From historical artefacts to interactive exhibits, the British Museum of Food presents three centuries of ice cream history.

Forget about the ordinary museum exhibits, it is time to sniff, taste and breathe flavours from centuries of ice cream history. 

The British Museum of Food decided to bring the iconic dessert to life in London. 'SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World,' walks visitors through the past, present and the future of this dessert. 

The opening of this somewhat enchanted experience marks 300 years since 'Mary Eales' Receipts' was first published in 1718. It's thought to be the first cookbook in the English language to include an ice cream recipe.

Coincidently, this year also marks the 399th anniversary of the first purpose-built ice house for ice cream, constructed on the orders of England's King James I in Greenwich Park.

It is time to take a scoop of this exhibition by clicking on the video above. 

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