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Zoom meetings, Uber Eats and home workouts: ‘Lockdown’ life in Dubai

Zoom meetings, Uber Eats and home workouts: ‘Lockdown’ life in Dubai
Copyright  AFP   -   Credit: Dubai Tourism
By Evan Bourke

Zoom meetings, Uber Eats and home workouts have become an essential part of our daily lives due to COVID-19 movement restrictions.

Wildlife has flourished over the past two months and has been appearing in towns and cities around the globe. Pollution levels have dropped and air quality has improved due to grounded flights and fewer cars on the roads. Transport has stagnated and in some parts of the world, it has even come to a standstill. However, people in Dubai and around the world have been keeping very active in their homes whilst self-isolating.

The ‘home workout’ has seen people push creativity and innovation in order to create personal gyms. Water bottle weights and towel resistance bands have been used to keep the calories at bay. When commenting on the home workout craze, UK celebrity fitness coach, Joe Wicks said:

“So, for the first time you are getting families who culturally do not exercise together, (are) coming together for that 9am workout, are having fun.”

There has been a rise in the sale of gym equipment and most fitness enthusiasts are turning to online shopping to fulfil their needs.

The giant online store Amazon reached record share prices on April 16 and is up 28% for the year. While Middle-East based, grocery shopping app Instashop co-founder John Tsioris said:

The reality is that they (shoppers) are forced to come online because it is the only way to fulfil their needs whilst staying quite safe

Whilst many bricks and mortar companies are feeling the strain of COVID-19 there are players in the digital landscape thriving. Streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney’s new offering Disney+ have been in high demand.

Classrooms and board meetings have been brought into family homes with the aid of video conferencing. Whilst software like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom are allowing people to conduct business and stay connected with friends and family. Some of these apps have seen a daily download increase of over 1000% since January 2020.

For the first time, even world leaders have held summits via video conferencing to discuss the best ways to battle the virus that has gripped the world.