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The best European films to watch this year, according to the European Film Awards

Cold War
Cold War
By Euronews

The winners from the European Film Awards were announced in Seville Spain on Saturday. Below is the list of nominations in the film categories with the winners in bold at the top of each section.

European film

(w)Cold War/Zimna Wojna – a tale of love in the ruins of post-war Europe

Border/Gräns – the story of a border guard whose investigation into a suspicious traveler uncovers far more than she expected

Dogman – an exploration of the relationship between a dog-groomer and a violent former boxer in an Italian suburb

Girl – the story of a teenage ballerina who faces more than just the challenge of the discipline and physical demands of her dance school

Happy as Lazzaro/Lazzaro Felice – an enduring friendship between two very different young men takes both on a powerful journey

European Comedy

**(w) The Death of Stalin - Armando Iannucci's reimagining of the days following the death of the Soviet dictator has won plaudits in the West for highlighting the extremes of power-hungry politicians but has proved contoversial in Russia.

C’est la Vie!/Le Sens de la Fete


European Discovery

(w) Girl

One Day/Egy Nap

Scary Mother/ Sashishi Deda

The Guilty/ Den Skyldige

Those who are fine/ Dene Wos Guet Geit

Touch Me Not

European Documentary

(w) Bergman – A Year In A Life/ Bergman – Ett Ar, Ett Liv - the story of the Swedish filmmaker, one hundred years after his birth

A Woman Captured

The Silence of Others

European Animated Feature Film

**(w) Another Day of Life - A Polish journalist's life is transformed by a reporting trip to war-ravaged Angola

Early Man

The Breadwinner

White Fang/ Croc-Blanc

European Short Film

(w) The Years/ Gli Anni


Burkina Brandenburg Komplex

Graduation ‘97

I Signed the Petition




Prisoner of Society

Release the Dogs/ Lachez les Chiens

Shame/ Cpam

The Escape/ L’Echappée

Those who desire/ Los Que Desean

What’s the Damage