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Alma Deutscher celebrated composer, musician and writer at the age of 11

Alma Deutscher celebrated composer, musician and writer at the age of 11
By Christopher Cummins  with AGENCIES

Alma Deutscher is a composer, virtuoso pianist and concert violinist who wrote her first sonata five years ago and whose first full opera, ‘Cinderella’ has its world premiere in Vienna next month.

Quite a back catalogue for an 11-year-old.

The girl from Dorking is a down to earth playful child:
“Well, for me it’s really normal. Because I don’t know anything else. How it would be not to really to compose music.”

Alma’s ‘Cinderella’ is a composer, the step-mother an opera director the step-sisters snobby divas and the prince a poet who finds Cinderella through her music.

Alma explains where she gets her inspiration:“If I try to sit down and think ‘now I must get inspiration’ – then I just don’t get inspiration. It doesn’t come to me. But when I’m not thinking about not getting it at all – when I’m just relaxing, when I’m skipping in the garden or when I’m just about to fall asleep or just about to wake up – or when I’m actually asleep in a dream – then I get the beautiful inspiration.”

Alma’s opera is to be premiered on December 29 in none other than capital of classic music, Vienna:“Of course Vienna is the capital of music. It’s the best place to premiere an opera. Mozart was here Hayden was here.”

She has also started to write a book, which she wants made into a film for which, of course, she will write the score.