Cartas da Guerra (Letters from War) in battle for Golden Bear

Cartas da Guerra (Letters from War) in battle for Golden Bear
By Euronews

The cast of the Portuguese film Cartas da Guerra (Letters from War), directed by Ivo Ferreira, took to the red carpet for the premiere of the movie, based on a series of letters written by a young doctor to his pregnant wife during the Portuguese colonial war in Angola in 1971.

The letters trace the growing despair of a man caught up in the conflict he sees as ruinous to his own country and to native Angolans.

Actress Margarida Vila-Nova hopes the film provides a lesson for the younger generation:
“Well the war finished in ’74 but my generation does not know anything, we know a little bit about what happened, there is the older generation that remains silent about this war and so for me it was very important learn about, to talk with people that went to the war and I think this movie can be a a lesson to the young people to the ones that don’t know anything about it.’‘

“Cartas da Guerra” is among the 18 films vying for the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlin film festival.