Want to work at Disneyland? 8,500 jobs are open as Disney expands operations

Disneyland Paris launches a major hiring campaign, aiming to recruit 8,500 employees
Disneyland Paris launches a major hiring campaign, aiming to recruit 8,500 employees Copyright Francois Mori/AP
By Greta Ruffino
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Disneyland Paris launches a major hiring campaign, aiming to recruit 8,500 employees, with a focus on filling critical maintenance roles.


Disneyland Paris is set to embark on a massive recruitment drive, aiming to bring on board 8,500 new employees, with 1,500 of them securing permanent contracts. 

In a bid to meet the demands of its extensive attractions, the park is particularly targeting maintenance roles, highlighting the scarcity of resources required for renovations. .

Despite its global fame, the park faces challenges due to labour shortages, especially in professions vital for maintenance. 

Human resources managers at Disneyland Paris expressed the urgency in recruiting skilled individuals capable of maintaining and repairing attractions, acknowledging the fierce competition among parks for such talent.

Maintenance professionals in high demand

The park is actively seeking candidates for over thirty professions involved in the renovation of attractions, including technicians and engineers. In total, more than 120 permanent positions are available in this field. 

The scarcity of maintenance skills is evident, and beginners in the attraction sector are welcomed with the promise of a salary slightly above the minimum wage (2%) at the commencement of their employment.

This recruitment initiative is not unprecedented for Disneyland Paris. Last year, the park announced plans to hire several thousand employees during its annual campaign. With a current workforce of nearly 16,000 employees, the park has earned recognition as "one of the largest establishments in France" by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. 

After navigating the challenges of the health crisis, which led to the temporary layoff of nearly 1,000 employees, Disneyland Paris is now focusing on expanding and diversifying its workforce.

Strategic expansion plans

With the recent inauguration of "The Avengers Land" and plans under way for the expansion of the next themed area, Disneyland Paris is anticipating a tenfold increase in its recruitment needs. 

The park's management emphasised the ongoing growth and development, and said it positioned Disneyland Paris as a thriving hub in the amusement park industry.

In the wake of Parc Astérix's successful summer recruitment campaign, which saw the hiring of 2,000 seasonal workers, Disneyland Paris' announcement further attests to the resilience and prosperity of amusement parks, showcasing an industry that seems impervious to the prevailing economic challenges.

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