Merkel's vision for transformed EU

May 31 2018.
May 31 2018. Copyright  REUTERS/Rafael Marchante
By Jim OHagan
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Angela Merkel has been turning heads with her wide-ranging comments on how to reform the eurozone, overhaul EU institutions and deal with the migrant crisis.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been making waves with her recent statements on how to improve the EU. At a sustainable development conference in Germany, the Chancellor made wide-ranging remarks on the eurozone, defence, the migrant crisis and even suggested downsizing the European Commission.

She explained: "What we need in my view is greater independence within Europe from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We should have our own European monetary fund where we can prepare for all cases of crises."

She also went on to say that reducing the size of the Commission should not be a taboo subject.

This comes after an interview on Sunday with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in which she appeared to make a few concessions on Macron's ideas for reforming the eurozone.

Her words were met with both praise and indifference at the European Parliament.

Guy Verhofstadt soon tweeted:

"Finally, some welcome signs of much-needed EU reform. We cannot continue to depend on others for our security & prosperity."

But for some, including Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, the moves wont go far enough: "There is nothing new. But this does not come close to what it takes to make the euro resilient. Even Macron's proposals are below the mark if we really want to make the euro viable."

Macron and Merkel will meet again on 19th June in Berlin, before presenting their European vision to EU leaders at the summit at the end of the month.

Journalist • Jim OHagan

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