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New windturbines for green energy, cheaper and quicker to build

New windturbines for green energy, cheaper and quicker to build
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European scientists have installed in the Canary Islands a windmill prototype designed to reduce by 35 percent the costs of construction and installation of these offshore structures. How to make of this scientific breakthrough a market opportunity? The technology´s main designer has some ideas:

"We have built an offshore wind turbine that we think is a World´s premier. Now our challenge is to demonstrate that this technology can be used and constructed in big numbers and in cost-efficient ways. This is what we now need to show to the market. Luckily, we had already taken this commercial aspect when designing this technology.

The system is designed so we can use pre-cast concrete pieces that allows a much faster construction. Our bet is also to guarantee that all construction activities are done onshore so we can industrialised the whole process much better and we can be able to produce the number of wind turbines required by the market within the time limits also imposed by the market. We are talking about being able to produce 50 or 60 of these units per year. The system has been designed to meet those demands, but we need to show to the market that we are indeed able to achieve it".
José Serna
Civil Engineer Esteyco