Dubai vies to be halal hub

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By Euronews
Dubai vies to be halal hub

The growth of halal food and lifestyle products is one of the focuses of the Global Islamic Economy Summit in Dubai.

It touches every single Muslim on the planet

Abul Rob Founder, HalalEat

It is a huge business opportunity with the industry forecast to expand by more than 10 percent a year.

Halal is anything which is permissible under Islamic law, as explained by the organisation which certifies what qualifies.

Amina Ahmed Mohammed, International Halal Accreditation Forum, told Euronews: “Halal is not only food. It can be food it can be cosmetics, it can be pharmaceutical material, it can be food [preparation] material, it can be leather. All these will come under the halal category.”

The Global Islamic Economy Summit, attended by 3,000 business people, decision makers, academics and experts is an ideal forum for spreading the word.

Abul Rob’s UK based company, HalalEat, connects buyers of halal products with sellers: “We are educating halal in every aspect beyond food in terms of travel, finance and growing to an international audience where halal is part of a way of lifestyle and it touches every single Muslim on the planet.”

Eighty percent of halal produce comes from non Islamic countries and Muslim markets remain net importers of halal food, thence the business opportunities.

Our correspondent in Dubai, Rita del Prete says: “Dubai wants to be the hub of the growing Halal economy. Experts at the Global Islamic Economy Summit say they support halal production by non-Muslim countries and companies, but everything has to be produced under the supervision of the proper Muslin authorities.”